In Part-1 of Izala Auham was written from 1889–1890, published between June 1891 and August 1891, MGA said that Eisa (as) was actually put on the cross (pure Kufr) and thus, totally copied Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, who had said the same thing about 10-15 years previously. A worker of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Chiragh Ali was the first Muslim ever to claim that Esa (as) was actually hung (salaboohoo)(1876). Check out Bro Imtiaz has he explains this issue on his youtube channel. Razi said all the mujadid’s and muffassir’s were wrong on Eisa (as) not being on the cross, they were united in misguidance for 1300 years (which is against a famous hadith). Ironically, in Anjam-e-Athim (see RK vol, 11, p. 143-144), MGA says that anyone who disagrees with the ijma of the sahaba will have the curse of Allah upon them. 

No Mufassir of Islam had ever written so. In fact, Ibn Hazm said that anyone who thinks that Eisa (as) was put on the cross is a Kafir. All Muslims before Sir Syed Ahmad Khan said that Eisa (as) was never on the cross. Qadiani’s quote modernist like Zakir Naik and others who have surmised that Eisa (as) was put on the cross and survived. However, all of these are Indian’s with connections to the Aligarh Movement and thus have scant beliefs.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Izala Auham, Page 302
MGA wrote:

1. Jesus was put on the cross
2. Nails were put into his body
3. He fainted
4. Because he went so close to his death but survived, that’s the meaning of him resurrecting on the 3rd day.

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