Ahmadi’s are taught to lie about their beliefs all the time. Thus, Maulvi Razi and others constantly hide their true beliefs.It all starts at 24:53, Bro Imtiaz tells Razi that MGA alleged that Maryam had a nikkah with Joseph while she was 5 months pregnant (reference unknown)(and at 40:27, Imtiaz calls it a big blasphemy). Razi agrees that MGA said this (27:27 time stamp). At 28:27 Razi tries to derail the stream. At 42:05, Bro Imran re-iterates the question to Razi. At 51:37, Bro Imtiaz re-iterates and reminds Razi that he must answer as to why MGA revealed this new info about Maryam? Was it to break to the cross? Razi mentioned how MGA called this (Maryam’s nikkah with Joseph) as a “historical error” in Islam (53:32)(astagfarullah)(See Malfuzat, Vol-3, page 175-176), which he (MGA) corrected).

At 56:40, Bro Imtiaz continues to re-iterate how MGA was using biblical narratives and ignoring the Quran. At 1:00:19, Razi quoted 21:91 of the Quran (And MGA, this ref is unknown)(and specifically the phrase “ahsanat”[guarded]) as he argued that Maryam must have been married to Joseph (since MGA said so), while she was 5 months pregnant with Eisa (as). Razi argued that at other places in the Quran, “ahsanat”[guarded]) was used to show a married woman, and thus, when Maryam was referred to in 21:92, she was already married. However, Razi was wrong, we find the phrase “wa musanatoo” (and guarded) used 5 times in the Quran, see 4:24 for one example. Razi was trying to link “Ahsanat” to “Muh-sanaat”. Eventually, Razi conceded (1:01:55 time stamp to 1:03:15). Razi then squirms all the way to 1:07:00, Razi admits that the phrase “Muh-sanaat” includes married and non-married women and thus concedes the entire argument, however, the reference to MGA was never given. At 1:16:33, Razi says that some people in history have been born without a father, he also says that he hasn’t read enough on this topic.

At the 1:16:57, Bro Imtiaz brings up the fact that in Islam, only Eisa (as) was born without father, no one else. In terms of the “Hermaphrodite-theory”, Razi claims that he hasn’t done enough research (1:17:40 time stamp and 1:19:10), he calls himself unofficial when cornered. However, Razi disagrees and says others have also been born the same way as Eisa (as), but he doesn’t have any examples (see 1:20:50).

On 8-24-23, Razi tweeted about Maryam, and with Quranic proofs that she has both sexual reproductive organs (both systems). Mirza Tahir Ahmad went a step further in his assertions. He eventually asserted that Maryam (ra) was a hermaphrodite, watch this tik tok clip. This clip is from a question and answer session by Mirza Tahir Ahmad in the 1990’s. Mirza Tahir Ahmad also said that a woman from Africa was the first human. In 1998, Mirza Tahir Ahmad compared the birth of Eisa (as) to those of animals who had both genders (From June 14, 1998) 24:45 time stamp. He also argues that many females in the world can have children without a male touching them.

Interestingly, in 2022, A qadiani-Ahmadi named Dr. Jalil Ahmad Bhatti wrote an article wherein he accused Maryam of being a hermaphrodite. In 2023, I asked the West Africans about this and they had no idea. Even Maulvi Noonan admitted online that Maryam is a hermaphrodite. Maulvi Farhan Iqbal agrees that it is possible that Maryam was a hermaphrodite.

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