The book, “Al-Millal wa al-Nihal” destroys on the Qadiani narrative on 3:144, Eisa (as) is alive. MGA had the nerve to quote Al-Millal wa al-Nihal in 1902, via his book, Tuhfa-e-Ghaznaviyyah. This was also discussed on the Dialogue with Imtiaz youtube channel, 4:45:00 time stamp, with Suleiman Omipidan. Suleiman Omipidan had the nerve to give the name of this book (as messaged by Razi), however, he didn’t know the author, which proves that he had never heard of this book in his life.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ The scan from al Milan wa nahal


The third dispute: On his death, Omar Ibn Al-Khattab said:

Whoever says: Muhammad has died, I will kill him with this sword; Rather, he was raised to heaven just as Jesus was raised, and Abu Bakr bin Abi Quhafa, said: Whoever used to worship Muhammad, then Muhammad has died, and whoever used to worship a Allaah the god of Muhammad, is living and is not dead and will not die, and read the words of Allah.

Umar (ra) said: “It is as if I had not heard this verse until Abu Bakr recited it”

Surah 3:144 recited

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