Hadayatullah Hubsch (1946-2011) was a total loser of German origin (much like Damon Stengel), he saw #Qadianism as an opportunity to get a job and converted in the 1970’s. He was born a Christian, he converted to Buddhism without much research, then, he quit and became a hippie, he took hard drugs on the streets and sang openly and was homeless. He never worked any manual labor job in his life, he only made money from his art and poetry and jamaat stipends.

He was born on Jan-8th, 1946 as Paul Gerhard Hubsch and died on 1-4-2011, his mother died on the same day. He grew up in and around Frankfurt and hated school altogether. He hated working and manual labor and became a hippy and poet. He was also a communist and supported the Russians. He went on a tour of Morrocco in the late 1960’s and was suffering from hallucinations, he ripped his clothes off and says he felt that an invisible force held him on the ground, he was most likely on acid. He claims to have had a cross around his neck and a Buddhist.

One day, he decided to become a Muslim and found the nearest Mosque near his residence, this happened to be a Qadiani-Ahmadi temple. However, Hubsch had no idea that they were considered Kafir, nor did he know anything of Islam. In 1967, he met the 3rd Khalifa, Mirza Nasir Ahmad. However, it’s unclear as to where, was it in Germany or the UK?

In 1970, he took bait. The Ahmadiyya Movement assigned Hubsch to their Nur Mosque (temple), and he began working with the Qadiani-Ahmadi Maulvi there, Masood Ahmad Jehlami, who was the missionary-in-charge of a very small German jamaat. He married a woman from Mauritius in 1974, this is very strange, it’s also unclear whether or not she is a Qadiani or not. She died from cancer in 1979. He had one daughter with her.

By the 1980’s, he remarried with a woman from Qadian named Sadiqa. He was a brother-in-law with the famous Hassan Odeh, both of their wives being sisters. Odeh famously quit Ahmadiyya in 1989-1991. He was also fast friends with Abdullah Wagishauser, another native convert and opportunist. He was there in 1984 when #Qadianis started getting asylum as a result of Ord-XX and 1000’s of Qadiani’s flooded into Germany. He helped #Qadianis get settled in Germany.

In 1982, when Mirza Tahir Ahmad was elected, he already knew him, and started getting special treatment from him.

In 2003, when Mirza Tahir Ahmad died, Hadayatullah Hubsch flew to London and took part in the election of the 5th Khalifa. He was part of the executive committee that was to elect a new Khalifa.

In 2011, he died, his mom died on the same day. Only 4 of his kids are mentioned, Khola Maryam Hübsch, Attia Nur Ahmad Hübsch, Shafi Khan and Tariq Hübsch.

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