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Nonetheless, in the quote that I will present, it is obvious that MGA and his sons and most Ahmadis learned the Quran from Noorudin, not MGA.

The Quote
Seeratul Mahdi vol 1 page 210 narration
“””(202) Stated to me by Molvi Sher Ali that his uncle Late Molvi Sher Muhammad told me that in the beginning hazrat maseeh e moud ( MGAQ) Used to go to attend the Dars e Quraan ( Quraanic class) of Molvi Noor Din. Once Molvi Noor din told the narration of appearance of angels in the battle of Badr . Then he tried to present a justification for this but hazrat sb agreed to it and said angels can be seen by persons other than prophets.”””

The scan

Noorudin was the chief ghost-writer of MGA.  In fact, MGA sent his sons and most of all Ahmadis to Noorudin to learn the Quran, in fact, Maulvi Muhammad Ali would visit Noorudin in 1912-1914 almost daily to read out his commentary on the Quran…Noorudin would then tell Muhammad Ali what was good and etc..