MGA seems to have left Jews out of his tirades, however, Christians, Hindus and Muslims were not spared.  In these quotes, MGA seems to prophecy or comment on the Jews and nationalism.  He basically says that they will never have their own country and will be made to always underneath someone.

Feel free to check out this essay also…its Ahmadiyya leadership prediciting that the Jewish state of Isreal is temporary.

In 1893-1894, Arabic only book, recently translated into Urdu

“pas jin yahood par k Khuda na qiyamat tak kamil zillat masalat kar di ha or apni kamil or muhkam kitab ma bata dia ha k wo hamaisha kisi or badshah k neechay zaleel or khawar rahain gay or kabhi un ka mulk na ho ga.”(Rk vol 7 page 195) (Official Urdu translation of Hamamatul Bushra page 54)

English Translation
“Thus, Those Jews upon Allah has imposed throughout humiliation and in his complete and firm book(Quran) has told that they will ever disgracefully live under power of other kings and will never have their own country.”

The Scan
Another quote from Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, published Oct-1908
“Yahodi Mazhab ta qiyamat rahay ga. Haan zillat or maskanat un k shamal-a-haal ho ge or wo doosri taqtoon ki panah ma zindghi basr karain gay.”(Braheen a Ahmadiyya vol 5, Rukhani Khazain vol 21 page 409)

“Religion of Jews will be up till Qiyamah. However they will be humiliated and mortified and they will live their lives under other powers.”

The Scan from BA-5

Lots of MGA’s statements or predictions were false.  Another piece of evidence…