There were barely any Jewish people in British-India, thus, MGA never totally disrespected them. However, in 1893, in an Arabic only book, MGA seems to have negatively commented on the Jewish people and claimed that they will never have a homeland. In 1924, his son, the Khalifa wrote in his famous book, “Invitation to Ahmadiyyat” (see page 379, 2019 online english edition of Invitation to Ahmadiyya), that it was destiny for the Jews to return to their homeland.  The Khalifa was travelling through Jerusalem in 1924. He had left Qadian on 12 July with a party of 10 persons accompanying him. The party sailed from Bombay on the morning of 15 July and the ship reached Aden (Yemen) eight days later. The ship entered Port Said on the evening of 28 and the Khalifa stayed in Cairo for 3 days. He then proceeded to Jerusalem and Damascus. Ahmadiyya sources have never told us what the Khalifa did in modern day Israel and Syria, it has remained a secret for almost 100 years. This seems to be how and when he set up his Jamaat in Damascus, which failed and then moved to Kababir. A year later, in 1925, he officially sent Jalal ud Din Shams to be a missionary in Damascus. However, by 1990, Mirza Tahir Ahmad was claiming that Jews were manipulating the world. All of these views seem to contradict each other.

In 1893-1894, Arabic only book, recently translated into Urdu

(Rk vol 7 page 195) (Official Urdu translation of Hamamatul Bushra page 54)
“pas jin yahood par k Khuda na qiyamat tak kamil zillat masalat kar di ha or apni kamil or muhkam kitab ma bata dia ha k wo hamaisha kisi or badshah k neechay zaleel or khawar rahain gay or kabhi un ka mulk na ho ga.”

English Translation
“Thus, Those Jews upon Allah has imposed throughout humiliation and in his complete and firm book(Quran) has told that they will ever disgracefully live under power of other kings and will never have their own country.”

The Scan
Another quote from Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, published Oct-1908
“Yahodi Mazhab ta qiyamat rahay ga. Haan zillat or maskanat un k shamal-a-haal ho ge or wo doosri taqtoon ki panah ma zindghi basr karain gay.”(Braheen a Ahmadiyya vol 5, Rukhani Khazain vol 21 page 409)

“Religion of Jews will be up till Qiyamah. However they will be humiliated and mortified and they will live their lives under other powers.”

The Scan from BA-5
The quote from the 

However, in 1924, MGA’s son, the Khalifa, his ‘’Invitation to Ahmadiyyat’” he writes:

“”Therefore in verse 17:105 the warning of the latter days relates to the period after the second coming of Jesus. The words ‘shall bring you together’ refer to the present influx of Jews [written 1924] into Palestine. Jews from different countries are offered facilities of travel and rehabilitation. The revelation of the Promised Messiah said, ‘I will relieve the children of Israel.’ This indicated a great change in the position of the Jews. It indicated the end of the opposition which nations of the world had made for so long to an independent home for the Jews.”””

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