“Seeratul-Mahdi”, “Life of the Mahdi” by Mirza Bashir Ahmad.  Below are some excerpts:

Narration #672 MGAQ had never performed Hajj, never sat in E’itikaaf and never paid Zakat
Narration 505 he avoided giving the names FATIMA or SAEED to newly born children.
Narration 699 he used to take Chanda from a poor blind man
Narration 707 he prayed behind a follower who read a Persian poem of MGAQ during that prayer
Narration 521 he instructed his followers to pray Jamaat separately even if a Muslim Jamaat prayer was in process
Narration 535 one of his followers used to kiss MGAQ’s hands tens of times everyday.
Narration 11 he considered Tuesday as a bad day
Narration 665 he considered his existence to be the spirit of Islam and that Islam is dead without him.
Narration 948 he used to like birth of boys more than girls
Narration 1 his close follower had never heard him reciting Istighfaar (asking Allah “SWT” for forgiveness).
Narration 83 he could not tell right foot from left foot and many times he would wear shoe in the wrong foot.
Narration 120 he said that fat men are hypocrites.
Narration 150 though he read books of Law for the Law exam, he failed in the exam.
Narration 104 he said that all his Arabic writings are kind of revelations; however he used to send his Arabic writings to Molvi Noorudeen and Molvi M Ahsen for corrections.
Narration 137 he advised his follower that if he would be afraid of any person he should write with his finger the words “YA AZIZ” on the forehead.
Narration 150 in 1882, i.e. years before his claim of receiving Arabic knowledge in a single night, his friend asked him to apply for an Arabic Teacher vacancy because he was very good in Arabic.
Narration 843 he got a wet dream during a journey. In another narration he said that prophets do not let the dirty thoughts cross their minds, that’s why they don’t get wet dreams.
Narration 572 some Hadiths which are known to be weak and unreliable were confirmed to be true during his divine visions.
Narration 652 he used special ropes for his Shalwars so that he can untie them rapidly when he gets excessive and quick urination.
Narration 654 he insisted that one of his follower should lead the prayer although that man clarified he is farting all the time due to illness.
Narration 816 he considered baker profession to be a punishment from God who doesn’t grant honest people such low jobs.
Narration 19 he used to get attacks of hysteria after year 1888. In those attacks he used to see something black appearing in front of him then flying up to sky.
Narration 327 his first Khalifa didn’t care about cleanness or taking baths.
Narration 479 his right hand was broken, and he could not use it for eating till he died.
Narration 407 he said “Anyone who hasn’t read my books at least three times, his faith is in doubt”.
Narration 696 he asked his wife to sit next to him while he was praying so that he will fall on her if he feels tired.
Narration 847 he poured hot water on the hands of his maid because she gave him hot water by mistake.
Narration 553 he didn’t care about memorizing Quranic verses, and could only memorize short Surahs.
Narration 780 the maid Bhano massaged his legs over a blanket in bed.
Narration 969 he suffered from Muraaq, a mental illness in which a person has symptoms of a medical illness.
Narration 597 he used to wear warm cloths even during hot summer.
Narration 160 as an attempt to solve Atham’s prophecy problem, he threw chick peas into a deserted well and then hastened back and didn’t turn his face to look.
Narration 49 his father asked him to collect the pension; MGAQ collected the pension of his father and –without his father’s permission – wasted the money with his friend.