Shahr-e-Sodom (City of Sodomy), this is a book written by an Ex-Ahmadi.  In english, its “City of Sodomy”.  This book seems to be about the sexual misconduct committed by Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud Ahmad.Quotations
“””Mazharuddin Multani whose father Fakhruddin Multani was murdered for placing Ishtihar on the walls of Qadian against adultery and rape committed by Mirza Mahmood Ahmad, told the author of book that Nawab Muhammad Ali of Malir Kotla to whom Mirza,s daughter was married at the age of 57 years, for a mehr of Rs. 57000/-, in his last days, has suffered a strange disease due to which he used to descend from the stairs of his palace while holding the breasts of unmarried girls.””””The scans

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