Noorudin was the main ghost writer for MGA. He even moved into MGA’s house around 1893, Nooruddin and his young wife(they married in 1889), they didn’t seem to have kids until 1898 or so. Which is very odd for a new couple. There were 5 children in total for Noorudin and Sughra Begum. The surviving sons of Noorudin were ex-communicated by Mirza Basheer uddin Mahmud Ahmad in 1956. Noorudin’s daughter from this marriage was married to the new Khalifa on May 31st, 1914, her name was Amtul Hai (1900-1924), she was barely 14 when she was forcibly bequeathed to the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer uddin Mahmud Ahmad, however, she didn’t have many options, and her father didn’t leave anything behind for this set of children. In these days, Ahmadiyya leaders officially supported child marriage.

MGA arranges the marriage of Noorudin (roughly 50 years old) to the daughter (Sughra Begum) of Sufi Ahmad Jan (another Ahmadi). It should be noted that MGA’s famous bait ceremony happened in the house of Sufi Ahmad Jan, who had already agreed to give away his daughter to Noorudin in January of that same year.

After 9+ years without any children, Noorudin finally had a son with Sughra Begum, Miyan ‘Abdul Ha’i. Born February 15, 1899 also known as Abdul Haye, See Page 101. Noorudin married him off in roughly 1906-1908 in error. His name is also spelled as Miyan ‘Abdul Haye or Abdul Hai. After his young sister got married to the Khalifa, he died mysteriously and without much press by Ahmadiyya sources, we see this as a purposely murder ordered by the Khalifa.

Daughter—Amatul Ha’i— is born, was married off to Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, the Khalifa, on May 31st,1914, See Walter. She was only 14 years old. The Khalifa was 25 years old. In one of his books, the Khalifa commented that this wife of his was not good looking (See Fazl e Omar, online english edition).

Son—Maulvi Abdus Salaam (He married a daughter of Mufti Muhammad Sadiq)(died in 1956, was buried at Rabwah).  He seems to have died in the same era that his brothers were getting kicked out of Rabwah and Ahmadiyya
He seems to have remained an Qadiani-Ahmadi. His son recently popped in an Ahmadi magazine. After the partition of 1947, they moved to Quetta. Which is very strange. We are not sure how he got the title of “Maulvi”. Nevertheless, he sent his son to Rabwah for schooling in the early 1950’s. His son’s name is Sami Omar Sahib, he was born in Qadian in 1944.  Sami Omar Sahib is also the maternal grandson of Mufti Muhammad Sadiq.  

Son—Abdul Wahab
Son—Abdul Mannan Omar– He was born on 19 April 1910–28 July 2006.  He married the daughter of a famous Ahmadi, Maulvi Sher Ali.  Maulvi Sher Ali died in 1947, it seems that his daughter was also kicked out of Ahmadiyya.

Abdul Manan Omar represented the Lahori Ahmadi’s to the 1974 Pakistan National Assembly proceedings in which Ahmadis (both LAM and Qadianis) were declared non-Muslim. Abdul Manan Omar sahib testified on behalf of LAM in those proceedings

Noorudin dies in March of 1914, Amatul Hai is married off to the new Khalifa in May of 1914
As soon as Noorudin dies, the newly elected Khalifa seems to have quickly expanded his reach. He grew up in the same house as Amatul Hai since they all lived in MGA’s house (see Walter and Tarikh i Ahmadiyya).  Amtul Hai is only 14 years old.

Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad and Amatul Hai have 3 children from 1914 to 1924
1. Amatul Qayyum, daughter, she was married off to the famous Ahmadi, M.M. Ahmad., They had 0 children.  

2. Amatul Rashid, daughter, she was married off to Mian Abdul Rahim Ahmad Sahib.
She seems to have confided to some Ex-Ahmadi’s about the sexual behavior of her father.  See here: See testimonial #23.  She died in 2013, she left 1 son (Dr Zaheerud Din Mansoo) and 3 daughters.  They are all in America these days.  Dr. Zaheeruddin Mansoor Ahmad is currently the National Secretary Taleem-ul-Quran and Waqf-e-Ardhi.  She died in Maryland.

2.a.  After being kicked out of Ahmadiyya, the son of Noorudin came to Qadian to attend the funeral of Mirza Sharif Ahmad, he stayed at the house of Amtul Rashid, read this incident.

3. Mirza Khalil Ahmad, son, they simply state that he had passed away.  He married Asma tahir in 1964 (per a friday khutbah by Mirza Masroor Ahmad) and seems to have moved to Canada after 1984.  Asma Tahir died in Dec of 2016.  They had 0 children.  In fact, they seem to have raised their niece in their house.

Amatul Haye becomes the secretary of Lajna in 1922, the Khalifas wife #1 becomes President

“””At the instruction of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih II(ra) these signatory women assembled on December 25th, 1922 at the house of Hadhrat Nusrat Jehan Begum(ra), wife of the Promised Messiah(as). After Zuhr (afternoon) prayer, Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih II(ra) made a short speech, and in this way the Lajna Ima`illah came into existence. After this session, detailed rules of Lajna Ima`illah were published in the magazine, Tadeeb-un-Nisa, which used to be published in Qadian under the editorship of Hadhrat Sheikh Ya‘qub ‘Ali ‘Irfani Sahib(ra). In this way the regular activities of the Lajna began.”””

“””Initially, there was no separate body in the community for women. Understanding the crucial role of women in Islam, and inspired by his second wife, Amatul Hayee Sahiba(ra), Hadhrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad(ra), Khalifatul Masih II (Second Successor to the Promised Messiah(as)), founded a separate organisation (within the community), Lajna Ima’illah, solely for women. Hadhrat Amatul Hayee Sahiba(ra) was its first secretary. After her, this important office was assigned to the wife of Hadhrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad(ra), Hadhrat Sarah Begum Sahiba(ra) and then to Hadhrat Sayeda Maryam Begum Sahiba(ra).”””

“””When Lajna Ima’illah was established, its members requested Hadhrat Nusrat Jehan Begum(ra), the Blessed wife of the Promised Messiah(as), to become its first president. It is likely that she presided over the first session, but during that very session she nominated Hadhrat Sayeda Mahmuda Begum Sahiba(ra) as president. Hadhrat Sayeda Mahmudah Begum Sahiba(ra) held that post until her death on 31st July, 1958. From August 1958, Hadhrat Maryam Sadiqah(ra) assumed this responsibility.”””

See the ROR, August 2009, see here:

Amatul Haye dies mysteriously in 1924
When the Khalifa returned from his tour of Europe in 1924, the daughter of Noorudin died mysteriously.  The front page of Al-fazal 20 Dec 1924, it says “final moments of Syeda Amtul Hai.  Professor Ghulam Rasul also explains this incident here.

The scan from Al-Fazl talking about her death

See here: Page  213,

Also see here—-

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