Ahmadis lie about their census all the time.  They do this as a marketing ploy, they try to keep their flock of adherents paying and volunteering, this way, the money keeps rolling in.  In the subsequent scans, Mirza Nasir Ahmad claims that there are 10 million Ahmadi’s in the world by 1974.  Which is a blatant lie, and a continuation of his lie in 1969/1970, which is the first indication of the 10 million number.

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National Assembly of Pakistan 1-3 wit title
National Assembly of Pakistan 4-7 with title
National Assembly of Pakistan 7-11 with title
National Assembly of Pakistan 12-13 with title

The scans from Mirza Nasir Ahmad’s testimony


1.  In 1908, there were scarcely 18,000 Ahmadis.  However, MGA lied and wrote over 400k.

2.  In 1921, there were 30,000 Ahmadis.

3.  By 1931, there were 56,000 Ahmadis.

4.  By 1974, Mirza Nasir Ahmad was claiming 10 million Ahmadi’s worldwide.

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