Ahmadiyya leadership has been involved with politics since at least 1889. Most of the Ahmadiyya political-work happens behind the scenes. The Ahmadiyya press is very strategic in terms of what info it is willing to release. Ever since the British govt. hired Zafrullah Khan in the 1930’s, Ahmadiyya has been using politics to push its agenda.

The Samdani Commission
This was the investigation into the “Rabwah-terrorist-attacks”. This report was not even ready, however, Bhutto cancelled all important work of the Pakistani govt. and decided to discuss the Ahmadiyya issue.  In my honest opinion, this was all a charade. When the Nishter Medical College students arrived on May 22, 1974, they only responded to the Ahmadis who were handing out literature onto on the passengers of the train. Eye-witness accounts and testimony from many online personalities like Mushtaq Malik and Ahmad Kareem and other testimony from the son of Noorudin tell us that Bhutto colluded with Mirza Nasir Ahmad to plan these series of events and to purposely get the Qadiani and Lahori-ahmadis declared as Non-Muslim.

New Data on Bhutto and the Samdani Commission
I was recently reading, “Perseverance”, which is sort of an autobiography on the life of Rashid Ahmad, the first African-American-Ahmadi-Imam, and he mentions that he was ordered by Mirza Nasir Ahmad to meet with Bhutto in 1975, in the USA. He immediately called the Pakistani-Embassy and demanded to speak to Bhutto in a very offensive way.  The FBI were soon dispatched to investigate. Ahmadis had political sway over the Ambassador of Pakistan and he eventually convinced Bhutto to meet with the Ahmadi delegation (see pages 184–186).

Bhutto agreed to meet with the Ahmadiya movement
However, Bhutto had to return to Pakistan immediately and he recommended that the Ahmadi delegation meet with his foreign minister, Aziz Ahmad. Nonetheless, Rashid Ahmad and 3 other African-American-Ahmadis traveled to New York to meet with the foreign minister in strategic format.

Rashid Ahmad had a list of questions from Mirza Nasir Ahmad
One of the questions dealt with why the Samdani Commission report had never been published.  Rashid Ahmad asked as to why the report hadn’t been given, since Ahmadiyya had indeed requested it. The Foreign Minister responded that the report could be easily attained, all Ahmadiyya leadership had to do was request it. Rashid Ahmad then claims that he reported all of his answers to Mirza Nasir Ahmad, who in return called Bhutto a liar.

Bhutto and the Pakistani govt. were always willing to release the report of the Samdani commission to the Ahmadiyya movement, however, the Ahmadiyya movement had simply never officially requested its release.  This was all a charade by Mirza Nasir Ahmad, he sent in his team of Mullahs to make sure that everything was progressing as planned.  As I continue to read more about Rashid Ahmad, it becomes evident that he was only hired by Ahmadiyya leadership in an attempt to buy political power in America and abroad.

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