As more and more details emerge from the Samdani Commission, it is becoming even more clear that Ahmadis of all levels in Rabwah were involved in this terrorist attack at Rabwah.  Mr. Samdani interviewed the #1 eye witness, who;s name was Mr. Kaley Khan, he was the “Guard” and was on “Guard-Duty” on the Chenab Express Train as it stopped at Rabwah.  He gave an eye-witness account of how the Ahmadi terrorists attacked unarmed teenagers and viciously beat them.  In the course of this testimony, he also revealed that Ahmadis were dancing Bhangra style and shouting slogans like “Ahmadiyya Zindabad”.

The quote
“The witness stated that he could identify some of the rioters including their leaders if brought before him he said, in addition to raising slogans, the rioters had danced “Bhangra”.

The scan evidence from the Pakistan Times, Tuesday, June 11th, 1974

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