As more and more details emerge from the Samdani Commission, it is becoming even more clear that Ahmadis of all levels in Rabwah were involved in this terrorist attack at Rabwah.  Mr. Samdani interviewed the #1 eye witness, who;s name was Mr. Kaley Khan, he was the “Guard” and was on “Guard-Duty” on the Chenab Express Train as it stopped at Rabwah.  He gave an eye-witness account of how the Ahmadi terrorists attacked unarmed teenagers and viciously beat them.  In the course of this testimony, he also revealed that Ahmadis were dancing Bhangra style and shouting slogans like “Ahmadiyya Zindabad”.

On May 29th-1974, 400-500 Ahmadis were laying in wait at the Rabwah Train Station, they had calculated and planned a terrorist attack (see Charles Kennedy, pages 90-91), they were supposed to ambush a certain rail-car wherein there was 500+ teenagers from the Nishtar Medical College in Multan. The attack was a success, the train was stopped for 1-full hour as Ahmadis mercilessly beat teenagers to a bloody pulp, (this entire youtube channel seems to have been deleted, Ahmadiyya leadership may have gotten this entire channel banned).   however, they were careful not to kill anyone. The train station operator was an Ahmadi and he deliberately stopped the train until all the terrorist-Ahmadis had safely dispersed. This became a national incident, and as the train approached Faisalabad, Muslims had gathered to collect their injured brethren. The scene was shocking…..19 students were immediately hospitalized.

Rioting broke out almost immediately, all schools in the Punjab were closed on June 1st, 1974, this was the first national incident of terrorism under the new constitution of Pakistan. The average Pakistani was shaken to his/her core. The story of Ahmadis had been decided by the Govt in 1954, they were Muslims, per the Govt, they had every right to exist, in fact, from 1955-May 1974, it was the most peaceful era of Ahmadiyya history in Pakistan. There were barely any attacks on Ahmadis, the Chief Scientist was an Ahmadi, the Economic minister had been an Ahmadi…2 out of 3 military generals were Ahmadi, Pakistan was a pro-Ahmadi country in every single way and for 20+ years. In fact, in the 1971 elections, Ahmadis were ordered to vote for Bhutto and Bhutto even visited Rabwah during his campaigning.

We have collected the testimony of a few key eye-witnesses.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________The quote

“The witness stated that he could identify some of the rioters including their leaders if brought before him he said, in addition to raising slogans, the rioters had danced “Bhangra”.

The scan evidence from the Pakistan Times, Tuesday, June 11th, 1974

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