Ahmadiyya leadership has mixed themselves up with politics since at least 1889. This is how they maintain their tax-exempt status. So Ahmadis and their leadership are regularly engaged in schmoozing elected officials. In fact, Kareem Ahmad, a California-based Ahmadi, has been accused of political fraud, as he donated heavily to the Obama campaign and expected legal-help, or he expected state officials to look the other way, as he defrauded millions of people. In fact, he was able to get his Khalifa a VIP escort all around California, as well as a visit to the white house.

As we all know, if any country revokes Ahmadiyya’s tax-exempt status, all Ahmadiyya property will be seized and auctioned off, like the JW’s in France. In the USA, Ahmadiyya outwardly tells the world that they are not a political organization, however, that is lip-service, they only say this as they align themselves with the Johnson Amendment.

In Pakistan, India and other countries, the Johnson Amendment doesn’t exist, and Ahmadiyya acts like a For-Profit company. In fact, the Tahir-Heart-Hospital in Rabwah is the proof.

Mirza Masroor Ahmad calls Donald Trump as “insane”

Mirza Masroor Ahmad speaks very boldly here, he calls Donald Trump as “speaking like an insane person”.  Lets see that happens to Ahmadiyya in America, as we all know, Donald Trump isn’t shy and will work on pulling the tax-exempt status of all of those who oppose him.

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