In a seemingly interesting twist, Ahmadis in the USA seem to have began beefing with each other.  Qasim Rashid, who is an official spokesman of Ahmadiyya in the USA has always spouted off about his political party and his ideas on american politics.  However, he doesn’t represent ALL Ahmadis in the USA.  Naveed Khanverse is also an Ahmadi, however, he is a republican, or he currently supports the Republican party POTUS, Donal Trump.  He isn’t alone, I have met many Ahmadis on social media that support Trump.  Nonetheless, feel free to read his essay vs. Qasim Rashid here.

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Qasim Rashid is a Progressive ideologue, Democratic party-affiliated lawyer and American Ahmadiyya ‘spokesperson’ who has been, in our view, actively shilling for the Neo-Liberal Establishment led by former president Barack Obama. He promulgates Liberal-Progressive pedagogy and is amplifying Leftist hysteria, perhaps hopelessly indoctrinated with Cultural Marxism and Identity Politics. Mr. Rashid is now heaping ridicule and hostility on our newly minted, legitimately elected President in the name of the Ahmadiyya Community. Ahmadiyya Muslims unequivocally reject Qasim’s Leftist hysteria and reaffirm the loyalty of the Ahmadiyya Community to the United States and our new President, Donald J. Trump.

Where have you been?

As astute observers well know, Obama created, funded, armed, trained and emboldened ISIS, installing them in Libya after destroying its infrastructure, and attempting to do the same in Syria, as Kerry recently unapologetically revealed. Where was the protest against the Presidency from your conscience this whole time? You were consistently Obama’s compliant muslim acolyte, quiet and acting polite. Interestingly, Obama is now the lone POTUS that was at war the entire 8 years of his presidency. Where was your strong protest for the starving children of Yemen, and per SJW lingo, the poor POC, being bombed by Saudi Arabia aided by US weaponry and intelligence? Now, you are protesting privileged Yemenis being temporarily barred from entering the US, while the majority are helpless to leave, precisely because of Obama’s support of the Saudi genocide, which caused so much destruction, which you tacitly endorsed with compliant silence.

The charred Muslim-remains of Yemeni civilians bombed by Obama doesn’t quite ignite your conscience but Trump’s temporary travel restrictions trigger your infinite progressive histrionics. Sounds just about right. For you. Not the Ahmadiyya Community.

Where were you stepping up for the Ummah and using your esteemed liberal perch to eviscerate the lies that expedited the War on Islam (‘Terror’) which murdered 4 million Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan, Lebanon, Palestine, Somalia, Syria, Nigeria and now Yemen, under your watchful public eye? Where was your shrill urgent voice when the only free and independent African nation of Libya was deliberately obliterated by Obama and NATO to pave the way for ISIS? Where have you been screeching about the moderate head-choppers in Syria being armed and protected by Obama to overthrow an overwhelmingly popular president in a unified secular state and replace it with the sanguinary ISIS Caliphate? NOW all of a sudden, you’re outraged about temporary travel restrictions? Is doing the adhaan in the White House worth that much?

They barter the Signs of Allah for a paltry price.

If you had been there, using your platform when the Ummah really needed you, beyond the same tired innocuous PC subjects, many of us may have been inclined to endorse your flamboyant hysteria against Trump. But to be largely silent on Obama’s simultaneous creation and support of ISIS and an intense and bombing campaign across the Muslim World for 8 years straight, to now to encourage mutiny and sedition against Trump, for temporary travel restrictions to establish a vetting system, you’ve made a monumental mockery of your own self-righteousness.

Why the prolonged silence? Where was this cute fresh and new precious-snowflake outrage, for the overwhelming majority of Obama’s cowardly air raids and drone bombings that killed 90%+ innocent civilians in 5 countries of 7 from where immigration has temporarily been halted?

You have been prudently using the Community’s platform to enlarge your cult of personality, while conflating your confused personal politics with the beauty of our transcendent faith. Your fanatic and tireless shilling for the ‘openly exposed as utterly rotten’ Democratic party, is poisoning the pristine name of Messianic Islam by associating it with your reprehensible supine interface with the Elitist Establishment. Why do this? Simply because proximity and hypocritical virtue-signaling comforts you?

Where were you standing up for Islam as Obama enforced an active moral slide that brought us gay marriage and then child abuse disguised as ’empowering’ children to embrace transgenderism? Then, what are the limits of these dangerous ideologies? You claim to be an expert spokesman for Islam but you sit quietly, shilling for this rampant Left-wing political insanity while also hypocritically focusing on minutia to rile people up in sedition against President Trump. Meanwhile, Trump acknowledges the destructiveness of US foreign policy before him. Moreso than you, clearly. Trump, the Divinely-mandated change agent, wants to really root out ISIS rather than have politically correct debates about how to define this filthy cancer in our midst, in consideration of your feelings. Our previous administration gave ISIS free reign to terrorize peaceful Muslims and Christians.. We have to unite behind our leader and pray for his guidance, and thus True Ahmadiyya Muslims will not facilitate illegal subterranean intrigue against him, being puppeteered by Soros-affiliated entities and parties, like your associate Keith Ellison.

How long were you hustling to create content to establish your name in hyper-liberal outlets and then sell books and appearances? What about your obligations in your role as our spokesman? It is thoroughly unIslamic for you to associate any of us in the Community, many of whom are sane and aware, with your self-righteous Marxist illogic and duplicitous posturing.

And now, you have the audacity, the breathtaking hypocrisy to attack and lambast Trump, for trying to keep America safe from the head-chopping groups Obama provided ample cover? He bombed civilians, creating more hatred and enmity, while also bombing sovereign national forces to protect barbarians as ISIS’s air force to consolidate the Dark Caliphate. Yet not a solitary chirp from you. Astounding. Sounds like maybe you do want ISIS in America with your seditious antagonism of our Commander-in-Chief. I can see why some might be suspicious.

Where have you been condemning the open mutiny against President Trump? Nowhere to be found as you’ve thrown your weight behind the subversive anti-Trumpers. Why are you and your brother tweeting and retweeting about “resistance?” You are on the wrong side. MAGA IS the Real Resistance.


I pay my taxes, served in the military, and respect my wife. Sad to see we elected someone who can’t say any of those things.

Only a clown can disrespect the King of the Land. You’re a poodle-irritant barking at a mountain. Trump spent 500+ days giving 2 or 3 speeches in different cities, on his own dime, everyday, working 18-20 hours a day into his presidency, where he’s volunteering his salary, and doing wonderful things for our country and you, of all people, have hysterical criticism, as a Muslim immigrant who was given refuge in this great land? You should be ashamed of your dishonorable disrespect.

Trump’s fighting the NWO in service to Humanity. You’re a pawn of the NWO in service to Dajjal.

Remember that.

Might you mean, this resistance? Because those are your bedfellows.

This magnificent stupidity and advocacy for rebellion and disorder against our Revolutionary President is borderline treasonous and clearly seditious, and totally against Ahmadiyya Islam.

Why associate all of us in the Ahmadiyya Community with your childish personal vendetta?

Stop Working For Dajjal

The Khalifa of The Universe (aba) told all of us, repeatedly, not to be sycophants, nor impressed by secular leaders, and that God is the one who brought Our Leader to other World Leaders, rather than they helping us in any way. Yet, you who purport to speak in our collective name, endorse the billionaire Color Revolution Sponsor, George Soros’s destabilization of America, as an associate of Soros’s new pawn, Keith Ellison, who is trying to lead the sedition against Trump, the FIRST Legitimate POTUS in 100 years. This is your hypocrisy and sedition, not ours in the Ahmadiyya Community.

Immigration Moratorium. NOT a ‘Muslim Ban’.

You’ve been calling the immigration moratorium from 7 countries, a “muslim ban”, which is inflammatory deception. It most certainly is not a “muslim ban” as 40+ Muslim majority countries have been given free movement privileges to the US. If it’s a muslim ban, why haven’t you been deported yet? You are also free to go as you please but I don’t see you, with all your varied fragmented identities, leaving anytime soon, unfortunately.

Trying to make this about religion or about the constitution, again, is Liberal-Marxist indoctrination, partisan politics and Alinskyite totalitarianism with no basis in facts, whatsoever. The constitution gives no blanket rights for non-US citizens to come or stay here in the US. This immigration moratorium is precisely to put in place a thorough vetting system, which, from the leaked emails and prior revelations, we are certain did not exist. It is also legal and enforceable. Advocating disorder by encouraging disobedience to our President, is against the beliefs of the Ahmadiyya Community.

The fact liberals keep touting of refugees not having committed ‘terror atrocities’ assume all future events must have a precedent to be considered plausible and to guard against. How exquisitely ridiculous! What was 9/11? Europe has had an endemic problem with ‘radical Islamic’ terrorism, barbarism, rape and cultural clash, from refugees, yet, according to Marxist Orthodoxy, America is simply just not allowed to learn those lessons from Europe, and must not take preemptive precautions. Why? White supremacy. If I was Trump I’d investigate you for treason.

Even Zionist Extremists have drawn attention to your problematic, inconsistent beliefs about the 1st amendment. I mean, when will you write about these type of things? Or, does your endorsement of the ACLU’s battle against Trump give you pause, knowing their ideological fault-lines? Given how much influence you believe you peddle your rhetoric is weaponized. How do we know you’re not a Progressive radical like your close associates?

Incisively observing the same phenomena Geller comes to startling similar conclusions,

All that makes Qasim Rashid a despicable shill. He attacks those of us who oppose jihad terror while providing cover for the most brutal and extreme ideology on the face of the earth. Qasim Rashid is to Islam what the kapos were to the Nazis. But the kapos had a gun to their heads; Rashid, on the other hand, sells his people out for the acceptance of a corrupt and complicit media.

Hate to agree with this anti-Islam monster here but…

The great irony here is that leaders of the Ahmadi community attack us anti-jihad activistswho oppose this supremacism and hate, while protecting and despicably shilling for their executioners.


The Ahmadis suffer persecution, oppression and slaughter at the hands of Muslims in so many Muslim countries because they attempted to reform/reinterpret jihad and Islam (claiming it to be “peaceful”). That’s bad enough. But the Ahmadis attack me for my defense of their rights (more here).

You actively campaigned for the insanely corrupt Clinton apparatus in 2016 and used your position in our community to encourage others to do the same. Clinton’s campaign was financed by over 30% from the Terrorist Saud dynasty and the other extremely repressive Gulf Monarchies. They also made extensive contributions to the Clinton Foundation, implicated in, among innumerable other horrific things, the theft of Haiti’s charitable contributions and abduction of Haitian children. Monica Peterson became the alleged 107th potential political assassination associated with the Clintons, dying after the election. During the election, Seth Rich, John Ashe, and a friend of my friend, Victor Thorn all mysteriously died after leaking docs or speaking out to stop the Clintons. Imagine the turmoil those of us who are awake felt watching our co-religionists publicly white-wash Clinton and join in on Dajjal’s attacks on the Donald, in our name.

Stop being haughty and appalling pawns of the WestThat pomposity is not Jihad of the Pen.

Imposing your dystopian views and ridiculing others for their political opinions, at our religious events, is also distasteful and should be discontinued immediately. The overly meek and humble can redirect you to me where we will address your entitled blurring of service to religion vs. egotistic self-interest. Many others are aggravated at this Cultural Marxist posturing of yours which has been rousing our religious pride and anger. We reject the poisoning the Ahmadiyya Community’s esteemed public image by making us collectively appear to be a useful, subservient tool of Dark Empire, against Muslims, Islam and Islamic principles, as is already widely and erroneously alleged.

So members of the Ahmadiyya Community who are dutifully observing our religious obligation by rallying behind our elected Leader are “Dark Forces?” Show some respect and stop with the treasonous rhet

Manufacturing sedition against our President and his decisions, yet again. You sound like you underwent a week-long indoctrination retreat with the (((ACLU and SPLC))).

All day, everyday. It’s been 2 weeks since the presidency began. This is not Ahmadiyya Islam. This your insane personal crusade.

When did you condemn Pakistani British rape gangs, raping white girls, sometimes for decades? When did you condemn Muslim refugees in Germany molesting and raping German white children? Silent, as always.

Arrogant moral supremacy is your repugnant personal preference, and is absolutely not Ahmadiyya Islam.

The stunt @Audi pulled on faking gender equity is one reason I tweeted this thread earlier. These lies hurt us all. 

Are the 6 white men on @Audi‘s Board qualified? I’m sure they are. The point is, women & POC are just as qualified but ignored altogether.

Bad enough white men hold a disproportionately large number of executive positions. @Audi lying about it is harmful b/c it hides the problem

White men = 30% of population but 100% of @Audi‘s Board. Tells me all I need to know about Audi’s committment to diversity & gender equity.


You attack “white” people in blatant racist public pronouncements while you’re in a White-established country that has given you refuge and the very unique and undeserved privilege of bloviating with inane, hypocritical and inconsistent edicts as thousands of people associate your personal politics with True Islam, because of the deliberately blurry lines of your role.

You’re in a white land created by White Men. Can you imagine white people living in Lahore screeching about Punjabi privilege in Pakistan? What’s wrong with you? You sound radicalized and dangerous. This is not Ahmadiyya Islam. You are on the edge of a cliff on the side of paid protesters and saboteurs financed by Soros to overthrow the nascent populist revolution. Act like you got some sense before one of us knocks you off your pedastal.

Why are you talking about White supremacy in a White land, founded by White slave owners? This is the most diverse and open land where you are more free than anywhere else in the World, most specifically in diametric opposition your very own, degenerate, extremely corrupt homeland.

Consequently, since racial justice is so important to you,

Why are you not helping us eradicate the disturbing cult-like Punjabi supremacy in the American Ahmadiyya community, the overwhelmingly constant obvious problem which makes Divinely-introduced new converts run away?

We vociferously reject your incessant fanatical race-baiting identity politics, progressivist insanity and anti-White bigotry. It has nothing to do with the Ahmadiyya Community. This is blatant disorder. With almost 30k followers, you claim to speak in our name with your fanciful ramblings. Do you think ‘Islamophobia’ arose out of their genetically pre-ordained ‘White Supremacy’? Do you desire to become like those Jews who declare all opposition to their opinion, ‘Anti-Semitism’?

You could always go back where you came from and see how your own people will skin you alive for your faith. Sober up. Have some dignity and self-respect and reign in that emotional anti-white bigotry.

Irrational and divisive rhetoric such as above in the flagrantly absurd tweets of yours should always come with a disclaimer so the rest of us in the Ahmadiyya Community are not associated with it. In your endless quest to be cute, throw a #Qasimism on the end of your tweets to prevent confusion and conflation with Ahmadiyya Islam.

Here you are openly applauding subversion, insurrection, mutiny and insubordination to our president which goes against the views of Islam and the Ahmadiyya community:

Holy Qu’ran [4:60]

O ye who believe! Obey God and Obey the Prophet and Obey those in authority from among you.

If this verse was good enough to keep the rest of us patient with the war-criminal peacenik Obama, it certainly is good enough for you with a populist president also.

Stop associating Ahmadiyyat with your infantile emotional outrage against My President. It’s demeaning, unintellectual, ideologically repressive and reprehensibly hypocritical.

Where have you been condemning the thousands upon thousands of assassination threats against our president? Of course, nowhere to be found as you’ve joined in on the seditious anti-Trump grandstanding circus yourself.

Instead of paying attention, as is expected of you, you’re shirking your responsibilities to the Community as our spokesperson, repeating Democratic talking points about gun control while manufacturing hysteria against our now valiant POTUS who you are openly and brazenly encouraging seditious disorder against.

Given that this sedition is actually happening with extreme planning by the vanquished opponents of Trump, mostly of the Democratic party, you are irresponsibly bringing the Ahmadiyya Community into conflict with our elected President who deserves our patience and support, with your endless obnoxious commentary. The spies tied to the Deep State and banking dynasties are causing all types of chaos within the nascent Trump Administration. You are heaping disrepute upon the Ahmadiyya Community with your general endorsement and affiliation with these subversive intrigues. It’s incumbent upon you to distinguish between your Progressive-Marxist personality and your obligation to serve to Community with extreme care in an official role.

Here you’re suggesting Trump is Hitler and that he should be undermined and disobeyed as he was by Sally Yates, again falsely calling a moratorium on immigration for vetting, a “muslim ban”, using deception to enflame others and cause disorder. Meanwhile you have cowardly used the cover of [4:60] to keep quiet on all of the Obama administration’s insanity.

Again, if you want to be a brain-dead liberal pundit, fine, it’s a free country and we welcome the ‘contributions’ arising from anyone’s ignorant asininity. Simply, disclaim your personal views from the Ahmadiyya Community’s views as many of us completely oppose your politics and do not want Trump or our fellow Americans to associate the rest of us and our beautiful religion with your infantile seditious delirium.

White is a color of the skin. This is a racist designation. Whites are generously hosting you in America and Europe, and have given you freedom to practice your faith while your own people ran you out. Additionally, Whites more diverse and tolerant than the rest of us since we make up half of their societies, globally. Also, crucially, Whites are mostly Christian:

[5:83] Thou shalt certainly find the Jews and those who associate partners with God to be the most vehementof men in enmity against the believers. And thou shalt assuredly find those who say, ‘We are Christians,’ to be the nearest of them in love to the believers. That is because amongst them are savants and monks and because they are not proud.

Rather than spark up a genuine cultural-religious upheaval by espousing important controversial Truths, you, in particular, made our Revolutionary Ahmadiyyat look like a reliable and compliant tool of Dark power by amplifying the mythology of the Neo-Liberal establishment in your public appearances as our spokesman, attacking Trump incessantly and obsessively.

However, this will not last for long:

Those who come from God are always treated in this manner by worldly people. However, God’s decree also comes into operation and is always dominant. When falsehood and disorder reaches its height and truth all but vanishes, God sends His people to establish truth and they propagate the truth in spite of opposition. No matter how much the enemy impedes them, God’s decree comes to pass. It helps them.

Silencing remote dissent on your social media pages reveals how petrified you are of how many among our Community are fed up with you associating dynamic and brilliant Ahmadiyya Islam with your personal subscription to the ethos and theology of the Democratic Establishment. Allegiance and fealty to Liberal-Progressive ideology demonstrably permeates every piece of your basic and hysterical commentary against the Donald. We reject your mockery, racist name-calling against whites as an ethnic group, and frankly, your feminine histrionics and insults directed to our president, his voters and followers, his supporters and his affiliates, both inside our Community and outside.

Fox Debate on Travel Restrictions



You literally open with a threat, that if we do not let in people from terror and war stricken countries we are going to cause terrorism! How stupendously stupid! Why do these people want to come here if they’re going to attack us? Why come to a free nation and inflict harm because they make you wait? Why would someone get radicalized and attack because the present wants to prevent radicals attacking us? It’s so profoundly ridiculous that you could assert something like that with a straight face, on live TV, in our name. 

While your limited lexicon is further handicapped by innumerable Liberal fantasies, this still more recent descent into disrespectfully incorrect trolling using MSM’s ridiculous and ironic notions of “fake news” and “alternative facts” is tragically repugnant and spectacularly delusional. Just because you’re thoroughly unaware, despite our Khalifas placing that responsibility on our shoulders, doesn’t mean we will allow you to impose your politics to masquerade as our religion as ‘our’ public spokesman. I draw your urgent attention to this matter. It will prove wise, for your person, to exercise greater care and  responsibility, by suspending any suspect hypocrisy.

So, why the hypocrisy?

On May 28, 2010 the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community learned a terrible lesson as you well know. We were warned by our leader that our security was far too lax, permeable and put lives at risk. Thereafter, we enhanced our security efforts tremendously throughout the Globe, not just in Pakistan, to account for the festering and sanguinary hostility of our detractors.

Thus, if thorough vetting and security is good enough for the Ahmadiyya Community at our mosques to protect our worshippers as they submit to the Divine, it’s good enough for the United States to also exercise extreme caution and vetting when allowing non-citizen individuals to enter our collective home. Especially as we’ve just wrapped up a particularly bloody and genocidal political epoch of Empire. The anger felt abroad to the same American policies you tacitly endorsed can easily breach our lax and archaic vetting system, thus Trump did the wise thing to do and protect the people. He has a mandate from the people and from God, despite your seething rage.

I applaud and support President Trump’s decisive action and will prove to remain fully loyal to the Trump administration against any Deep State sponsored and ancillary ‘muslim’ sedition and disorder. I will not allow the Ahmadiyya Community, under your ‘spokesmanship’, to become a de facto vessel for Luciferian intrigue against the legitimate hero of the American people. It would be wise for you to draw a strong distinction that when you speak from your Morally Supremacist Progressive perspective, you are no longer speaking in the name of the Ahmadiyya Community. Should you not desist from antagonizing, belittling and exacerbating tensions with our superbly dedicated, legitimately elected 45th president, Allah can again heap shame and disrepute upon you for exerting your politics on the rest of us innocent Ahmadi Muslims, as He did before, as many well remember. We will not unjustly attack our President in the press as reliable lackeys of Dajjal and Dark Power. We are those who support our President and will seek to help him understand and isolate the beliefs of ‘radical Islam’, as he requested, and shall prove that Ahmadiyya is no political organization but the Spiritual Home of all Humanity, including whites.

It is time for you to showcase your loyalty to this new government as you were so intensely loyal and devoted to the brown-child murdering, global disorder-igniting, and ISIS-empowering Obama administration.

This reminder also applies to Harris Zafar, Muhammad Chaudary, Kashif Chaudry and any other, self-styled pundits who assume the role of speaking in the name of the entire Ahmadiyya Community. If you continue to imply that your personal politics are endorsed by the Ahmadiyya Community, you will be opposed by other voices in the Community who obviously reject our Community’s association with your personal politics.

Some of us are celebrating the turning of the political tides, despite your grief-ridden histrionics. Those of us who have been awake are intensely grateful to Almighty Allah for the fabulous opportunity this dynamic President has given us to spread True Islam. You are more than welcome to further Dajjal’s War on Trump in your personal life but you must disclaim any association with the Ahmadiyya Community when you speak about your perspective on social and political issues, lest you confuse the viewers. We will be watching.

We have only one Khalifa (aba) we all love, trust and obey, thus, neither you nor your personal political jihads could ever speak for all of us. Please keep your Progressive Totalitarianism away from the sanctified and honorable theology that you have inherited.

You are doing tremendously more harm than good, more than negating the value of the real work you do for Islam. You can learn from our esteemed brother, Mahershalal Hashbaz Ali on how to make your point peacefully, refined, with dignity, in a public setting, without baseless attacks. I suggest you grow up fast, otherwise you’ll have some big, intractable problems on your hands.

Meticulously crafted public images tend to shatter suddenly and tumultuously. Heed the warning, brethren.

To any who would pen a retort, please keep in mind the revelation which came with the miraculous result the Globe just witnessed.

[Election: 2016]

Buzzword smears shall no longer be valid arguments.