The Ahmadi-clerics/employees are engaged in black-ops every single day. I exposed this in this entry, which proved that Mirza Nasir Ahmad was directing Ahmadi-clerics/employees to meet with Bhutto in 1975 and etc. Well, there are thousands of similar cases. There was another Ahmadi-mullah, Abdul Malik Khan, who died is car-crash in 1983, nonetheless, his son moved to California and became the token-fanatical-sonofanahmadi-mullah-type of Ahmadi. He further radicalized his own children to be ready to die for Ahmadiyya. One of his sons is Amjad Khan, who is always ready to work for Ahmadiyya behind the scenes and etc.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ In 1973 or 1974

Nonetheless, Mirza Nasir Ahmad had received word that the Saudi govt. had sent an official letter to the Pakistan govt. in roughly early 1974 or late 1973 in terms of Ahmadis. As we all know, the country of Azad Kashmir has declared Ahmadis as non-muslims in the summer of 1973 and Saudi Arabia had banned Ahmadis from entry roughly the same time. Mirza Nasir Ahmad had his mullahs working around the clock to steal documents or acquire them by any means necessary. In the video posted, Anwar Khan describes how his father acquired this top secret document. However, this is a half-truth. This story is not 100% truth. Most likely, this Ahmadi-mullah used some deceptive methods to infiltrate where this letter was held, he then made copies and gave them to his khalifa.

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