Ahmadiyya leadership has been editing the life of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad since 1889.  In this specific case, MGA clearly wrote his Date-of-Birth in 1897 as “either 1839 or 1840”, in fact, it was well known, since his family always told him that he was born the same year that Ranjit Singh died, which is 1839.  Even as late as 1906, the Review of Religions (english) wrote MGA’s birth as 1839, and connected it with the death of Ranjit Singh (see page 229).  However, as soon as MGA died, the Ahmadiyya editing team got working….In the Review of religions for June 1908 (english)(see pages 235-238), they began trying to backdate MGA’s year of birth, since they knew that MGA died abruptly and failed his famous prophecy that he would live 40 additional years after 1891-1892, just like it was prophecied in the hadith in terms of the Messiah, (see Nishan asmani {1892}, page 14–17).

The scans from Seeratul Mahdi

The translation from SM
Seerat Almahdi vol 3 Page 301 and 302 – written by MGA’s son Mirza Bashir-

“Mian Mairaj uddin sahib umar, has printed an article about DATE OF BIRTH OF Mirza Ghulam Ahmad -in Alfazal of 3 August 1937. Mairaj Uddin calculates according to Hindi, Hijri and Eiswee year and after many delibrations – NOW GO TO NEXT PAGE -and you will see in the RED circle DOB of Mirza Ghulam as “17 Februrary 1832. Next short para (pulple box) “it makes it absolutely clear that AanHazoor (MGA) age was near 80 years according to his Ilham”. I suppose people who were around Mirza Ghulam then and more so NOW have to concoct stories to earn their 2 time bread- what a way to earn a living.

Even the Lahoris edited their books after 1937
Muhammad Ali had written many books about MGA and always wrote down 1839 as the Date of Birth, however, in later editions of those books, the Lahori-Ahmadis made a note of the change and ironically agree with their Qadiani counterparts in this regard.

Muhammad Ali in 1918
In this book, which was published in 1918, Muhammad Ali agreed that MGA was born in 1839 (see page 1).   However, later editions of this book have changed the date to 1836 and then 1835.

Ahmadiyya leadership has been constantly lying about MGA.  Its out of control, in the USA, we must write to our local congressmen and get their tax-exempt status revoked.