If you are following the conversation on the “age-controversy of MGA” then this information shows the true purpose of the Ahmadiyya Movement, i.e. to confuse and cover up the errors and failures of MGA.  You will see that they used 1836 as MGA’s birth year starting in Dec 1930 (see page 5).  In 1946, a new batch of clerics arrived from India and they changed the year to 1837.

The January, 1922 edition gives MGA’s year as 1837
Mufti Muhammad Sadiq had written 1837 on page 49.  This is the 3rd edition in the history of the magazine.  In the first and second issues, MGA’s birth year is not mentioned.

1925-1929 editions are all missing

The Winter 1930 edition gives 1836
Sufi Bangalee, the Ahmadiyya missionary in-charge (and editor) listed MGA’s birth year as 1836, under a heading wherein MGA’s name appears, it is followed by “1836-1908” (see page 5).

The Spring 1946 edition
Ahmadi missionaries continued to write 1836 as the birth year of MGA, they wrote this in almost every single issue.  The reason it needed to be written was as follows, in the format of the magazine, first they quote the quran, then Muhammad, then MGA.  When they wrote his name, they also wrote 1836-1908, thus it is easy to figure out (wink wink).

The 3rd quarter of 1946 edition changed it to 1835
You will see that as soon as new murrabi’s came from India, the date changed to 1835 (see page 5).

Mufti Muhammad Sadiq and his fake degrees
Starting from the 1921 edition, Sadiq lies about obtaining honorary degrees.  So sad to see this.

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