I am reading the autobiography of Rashid Ahmad (the first african-american-ahmadi missionary) and I am learning lots of insider details in terms of Rabwah in the early 1950’s.  I came across an interesting narration, it is a statement by Mirza Mahmud Ahmad (The Qadiani-branch-Khalifa), and it is to the effect that the Indian people of the Punjab, are normally lazy people (see page 98,99)(Perseverance).  Rashid Ahmad was asking Mirza Mahmud Ahmad as to why was it that the Ahmadis of Rabwah were fond of breaking their promises.  Rashid Ahmad even highlighted the use of the word, “Insha-Allah” and how Ahmadis purposely misused this word.  Mirza Mahmud Ahmad responded that in America, people are chasing after worldly desires and thus work hard to achieve these worldly things.  Mirza Mahmud Ahmad responds that these are lazy people and they would rather sit idle.

Oh The Irony
Its funny that Mirza Mahmud Ahmad spoke ill of lazy people.  Since he never worked a day of manual labor in his entire life, in fact, his father had never done so either, nor has any of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad’s siblings.

My recollections of “rabwah-Ahmadis”
Rashid Ahmad never lived in any other area of Pakistan, or he never lived amongst Sunnis or Shias in pakistan.  He mostly lived in Rabwah, and thus formulated his version of Islam from Rabwah.  He observed dishonesty among Ahmadis in Rabwah.

I visited Rabwah in 2003 and 2004.  For 2 months each, and I walked down every street, and rode a bike to each end of town, I even went to Chiniot and Sarghoda many times.  Rabwah is the richest town in the entire area.  Probably a 60-mile radius.  Most Ahmadis from Rabwah have relatives in the West, and those relatives are sending home lots of money.  This perpetuates their lazy lifestyle.  Moreover, I knew many Ahmadis from Rabwah, I can tell you, the average Ahmadi from Rabwah is a bum, a lazy-good-for nothing. Some of them do excel, however, academics is not hard, all you need is a little bit of god gifted talent, and the proper funds+environment+opportunity and anyone can learn.

Ahmadis always came off as dishonest people to me.  Ever since my youth.  However, now it all makes sense.  This is deep-rooted behavior, stretching back to the 1889.  MGA was a lazy-man, 50% of his fathers estate, fell right into his lap in 1883, as his brother died, MGA immediately got married and started taking opium-laced viagra-type drugs.  His eldest son, Sultan Ahmad, he received the other 50% of the estate, since it seemed to be a legal decision in MGA’s eldest brothers will.