The Ahmadi mullah is vicious, he is worried about job security and always has a beef with Ahmadis and office holders within Ahmadiyya.  The reason is that he is pushing them harder and harder to collect more money from its members and to do more free-volunteer work.

The Ahmadiyya management system
Ahmadiyya leadership has employees, they are mostly their team of Mullahs that operate in different areas.  However, in most cases, when any community grows, Ahmadiyya leadership allows for volunteers to work within any local community as:

1.  President (sadr)
2.  Vice President
3.  General Secretary
4.  Finance Secretary
5.  Property Secretary
6.  etc etc etc….
And above these level you have regional Presidents and National Presidents.

The video

In this Friday Sermon, the Ahmadiyya leader is telling Ahmadis to learn how to work with each other, to stop fighting each other.

Khatme-Nubuwwwat Organization in Pakistan explains this scenario