Today, Ahmadis will run around doing Corporate Social Responsibility, they claim to love all religions and they pretend to work with all religions in harmony, however, MGA was different, much different.  In fact, he hated all religions of the world.  Here are some quotes:

The Quotes
•”The STUPID and ILLITERATE and EVIL (KAMEENA) NATURED certain Aryans of Qadian….” (Nuzool-e-Maseeh p.6)
•”For these people (Aryans) to lie is mother’s milk. They are Satans not humans…” (Nuzool-e-Maseeh p.11)
•”Thus O Aryans!…O Impious and stone-hearted Nation!…He is a first class wicked natured and impious natured ..” (Tatamma Haqeeqatul Wahi p.156)
•”Wicked-natured Lekhram. Alas! This seed of profanity and obscenity was brought by Dayanand in this country…. Lekhram Peshawari who was absolutely stupid and a boil (Aablaa).” (Cashma-e-Maarifat p.3)
•”Such kind of profanity and foul language and mischievousness is a special Aryans’ way.” (ibid. p.6)
•”Thieves and professional dishonest…” (Arya Dharam p.25)
•”Uttering such abusive words of meanness (SIFLA-PUN) from the mouth and then wrote something on our advertisement..” (ibid. p.25)
•”Maharaj with wicked soul said…. Wicked Pandit…” (ibid. p.31,34)
•”These KAMEENA-natured people were already eager to criticise and on top of that they got hold of some Mischievous and Stupid Christians and Satanic Inclinations instructed them they are all true, thus they also took their share of this Black face and Embarrassment, which is now evident on the faces of Stupid Christian Priests.” (Ibid. p.47)
•”Otherwise they are faithless and Professional dishonest.” (ibid. p.60)
•”O Stupid Aryas! Go and jump into some well and kill yourself.” (ibid. p.62)
•”Lekhram’s nature had a lot of element of Fabrications and lies..” (Istafta p.7)
•”This USELESS (NaaLaaiq) Hindu was the same person who boasted to be a Pundit and remembered Bawa Saheb with words like stupid and backward…. and how evil this nature is that for pious people bad words are blurted out immediately…. thus no good person considered him a good man.” (Sat Bachan p.6)
•”Like Dayanand they were not in the darkness of illiteracy and miserliness.” (ibid. p.7)
•”Actually this person (Dayanand) was absolutely Black-hearted and enemy of good people … this Truth-ignoring and ZAALIM Pundit….”(ibid. p.8)
•”Because of the instigations of this same STUPID (nadaan) Pandit, had the right… This DRY-BRAINED PUNDIT (khushk dimaagh) was absolutely UNFORTUNATE (bey-naseeb) and WRETCHED (bey-bahraa) …. he was EXTREMELY THICK SKULLED PERSON and for this reason he was also a FIRST RATE PROUD MAN.” (ibid. p.9)
•”But Dayanand did not desire to remove this PALEED CHOOLA (dirty dress) of BUKHL (meanness) and TA’ASUB (racism) from his body, thus he did not receive a clean dress and he remained luckless in receiving true inspiration and true teachings ….. and how can such an opportunity arise for a Pundit like him who is drowned in the TA’ASUB OF NAAHAQ (racism of falsehood) and FITREE GHABAAWAT (natural stupidity) …. and to prove the ignorance of Bawa saheb through this is NIHAYAT SIFLAAPUN (absolute meanness). … this ZOOD-RANJ (fast-offended) Pundit has shown such AHMAQAANA JOSH (idiotic vigour) at a small linguistic alteration.” (ibid. p.12)
•”He himself was engaged in such MOTEY KHAYAALAAT (Fat thoughts) and Mistakes that even the GANWAAR (Backwards) of villages would hardly exceed him.” (ibid. p.13)
•”It is the way of SHAREER (Mischievous) people that at the time of LAMPOONING someone they would begin with a word of praise, as if they are just-natured.” (ibid. 13)
•”But Dayanand remained blind even in those days when Vedas had been translated in England and Germany.” (ibid. 19)
•”O NALAAIQ (Ill-deserved) Aryans! (ibid. 36)