Thanks to Hani Tahir, we have obtained some interesting references which link MGA to the concept of abrogation. At a minimum…MGA would forget his own revelations…and he would say that he would get “new ones” in their place. This is from later on in MGA’s career, after 1901. Further, Noorudin rejected abrogation as early as 1877-ish, as he totally agreed with everything that Sir Syed wrote (see Noorudin, by Zaf Khan).

Was MGA silent?
MGA and his team of writers seem to have totally avoided this topic altogether. However, Hani Tahir has posted some references that he found which apparently give us some new info..

The references
“I received this morning inspiration and I’ve been meaning to enroll him but didn’t do it relying on memory and then completely forgot. I didn’t mention although i tried hard. And He’s right: {what copy of any or forget it fine from her or like her}” (Al-Badr, Volume 2, number 7, number 6/3/1903, p. 50)

“God is capable of everything has power all the way: {God}. we believe he is not like these two. If ruled by morning, he is able to replace the other night, and it’s copy of ” any ” testify to that “. (Badr, Volume 7, number 19-20, number 14/5/1908, p. 4 )

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