Taken from, “Man of God” page 63

Paranthesis are mine

“After their (mirza tahir and asifa begum) marriage they occupied one of the 11 houses the Khalifa (Mahmud Ahmad) had built for his sons. They consisted of 3 bedrooms, a living-room and a kitchen with a small enclosed yard. Tahir also had a farm. ‘Farm’ is perhaps a grandiose word to describe the 25 acres of near scrubland, but here Tahir could keep horses -which he trained – and buffalos to provide milk.

Cycling the 3 miles to the farm at 6 am became a daily routine – and a daily pleasure. “I loved going out before anyone was up and about. Everything was cool and fresh and I had a chance to look at my animals, to care for them……….”

“The budget (jamaat budget) provides a modest allowance for the Khalifa himself, but the present Khalifa has intimated that he will not draw the allowance. He not only maintains himself out of his private income , but makes large contributions out of it to the funds of the Community. In fact he is the biggest single contributor to these funds. “The Head of the Ahmadiyya Movement”, page 13 written by Sir Muhammad Zafrulla Khan, publishing date is missing. (I am guessing 1945).

1. Mahmud Ahmad must have owned (25 acres x 11 sons)=275 acres worth of land, not to mention the land he gave to each son for their housing. And I didnt add in his daughters and their inheritance.

1.a. If I add daughters, mahmud owned (25 x 22 children)= 550 acres of land. He was the richest ahmadi of all-time.

2. I also didnt add the animals that each child inherited.

3. Mahmud ahmad was making more money than anybody else in the movement. He was making more money than even Zafrullah Khan, and thats a feat. Thats like almost impossible. Zafrullah Khan was the foreign minister of Pakistan, yet, Mahmud was making more money than him.

And just imagine, these people were asking ahmadis to spend less and donate more. This is just another sickening addition to the lies and the fraud and the deception by the mirza brothers.  I can only wonder as to how much land Mirza Bashir and Mirza Shareef had.