MGA had many cousins who also enjoyed a life of privilege.  Mirza Imam ud Din served in the British military and was famous for his service in Delhi under the Hodson’s horse regiment.  Some of his cousins and uncles also served.  MGA did not serve at all, he stayed home, most likely because of his broken right arm/hand, thus he wouldn’t be able to even lift a rifle.

What is Chuhra Mela?
It was an annual gathering in Qadian, organized by Mirza Imam-ud-Din and composed of the sweeper (chuhra) community from Qadian and adjoining areas, and also claimed to be the re-incarnation of a Hindu-Muslim saint, Lal Beg.  This could be a possible inspiration for Mirza Ghulam Ahmad‘s Jalsa Salana and for his movement as a whole, as Mirza Imam-ud-Din was a first cousin and rival of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

Other parties also confused the two religious movements in Qadian. A reference to this confusion can be found in Malfoozat (Speeches) Vol.5, pp.48-49:

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