There is another ahmadi that I have bumped into on social media, he goes by the name of BLANK, he seems to be a truck-driver from Canada.  He is the classic “brainwashed-Ahmadi”.  He keeps asking me as to why I left Ahmadiyya and what religion should people join.  I have answered this many times over…however, since he was taught to hate the critics of Ahmadiyya…he twists all of our answers and then makes wild allegations.

Why did I leave Ahmadiyya?
I read about the split starting in 2005 and was shocked.  It took me 5-6 years to completely research this topic.  I read and read and read…and asked my local Ahmadi-Mullah many many questions, most of the time he didn’t know the answers, however, he would never admit to not knowing.

By 2011, I was convinced that Ahmadiyya was false.  However, I wasn’t totally convinced, I kept researching new topics, like the Mahdi, the Messiah, Mahmud Ahmad’s homosexual behavior of the 1930’s…his drug use.  By 2015, I began reading about how MGA lied about his opium use.  I then quit.

What religion should an Ex-Ahmadi choose
I grew up in california, in america, we don’t care what people do with their lives, however, we warn people about cults and etc.  This Ahmadi, BLANK, when he heard this answer from me….he flew into a rage.  He couldn’t believe it…he was taught that Islam should be forced upon all people….his Ahmadi-mullahs taught him this…

I continue to engage Ahmadis on social media, even though it is beneath my character and general love that I have for my species.  I only engage them as I am conducting a psychological examination on Ahmadis.  I will soon write that essay, moreover, I can confidently say that after engaging the most Ahmadis of any “ahmadiyya-awareness” personage, Ahmadis are all brainwashed idiots, they will never double check their mullahs, they do whatever the Mirza family tells them to do….further, the Ahmadis who came to the West on Asylum on the worst humans on the face of this Earth, BLANK is case in point.  He flew into a rage once we asked as to why Mirza Tahir Ahmad lied about converts from 1995 to 2003…in fact, the entire mirza family has been lying about converts since MGA began doing it in the late 1890’s.