Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s teachers were opium addicts, that appears to be his introduction to opium. In fact, MGA displays all the characteristics of an opium addict by age 30 or so. He must have been eating opium since his days as a child. It is said about Noorudin that he was fond of giving out a certain medicine to those people who were impotent, before he ever met MGA, in those days, that medicine didn’t have a name. Nevertheless, MGA was impotent in 1884, but he still got married, he then credits Nooruddin for giving him some mystery medicine which MGA claims cured him. MGA then claims to have many children with Nusrat Jehan, however, it is doubtful that MGA was the father, my team of researchers tends to think that Noorudin was the real father. The medicine was never named in MGA’s life, since MGA was lying about his opium use.
In 1923, the truth about MGA and opium begin coming out

 “””Hafiz Hamid ‘Ali (deceased), who used to attend upon the Promised Messiah,as relates that when the Promised Messiahas married the second time he felt great weakness in
himself as he had led a celibate life for a number of years and had adopted a course of physical discipline. Then he used the prescription which was revealed to him and which is known by the title Zad Jam-e-‘Ishq,1217 and it proved very blissful.… There are two reports about its being revealed. First, that the prescription itself is revealed; and second, that someone told the Promised Messiahas about this prescription and then he was commanded by revelation to use it. [Allah knows best].””” [Siratul-Mahdi, part 3, no. 569, p. 50–51, 2nd ed] {{also see tadhkirah, 2009 edition, page 1010}.

“””The following is the formula for Zad Jam-e-‘Ishq—an abbreviation in which each letter represents the first letter of an ingredient*: za‘afran (saffron), dar chini (cinnamon bark), ja’ifal
(nutmeg), afyun (opium), mushk (musk), ‘aqriqarha. [Siratul-Mahdi, part 3, second edition, p. 51, Riwayat no. 569]”””

*English names of these ingredients are as follows: (i) pellitory root, (ii) pyrethrum; Latin name: (i) anacyclus pyrethrum), shingraf (cinnabar), Qaranfal (clove). These ingredients are taken in equal weight, ground, and made into pills, which are then coated with Roghan-e-Sammul-Far (Arsenic dispersed in Cow butter) and taken once a day. Its name is derived by taking the first letter (in Urdu) of each ingredient.
The Nooruddin connection

(hayat e nur volume 10 pg 774)

“””with the grade of God, its use in early pregnancy gives birth to a boy”””, Al-Fazl, May 14th, 1955


“””men’s medicine to strengthen the weak and elderly”””””, Al Fazl, October 30th, 1965

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Nooruddin treated Mirza Ghulam Ahmad for impotency and many others, with opium!!!!


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