Abdul Aziz Bhambri is his full name. Most of this data comes from a personal interview that was conducted with AK Shaikh and his recent video on Naseem Mahdi. He tells me that Bambri was a terror to many youths in Rabwah during the reign of Mirza Nasir Ahmed (K3). In those days K3 was paranoid that youth might rebel and cause trouble. He gave Aziz Bhambri free reign to catch and torture anyone he suspected of deviating from the line. I personally know a couple of youths who were beaten blue by him and his gang. He literally broke limbs under investigation. In his final days he came to Canada and I think died here. His daughter is married to Naseem Mehdi now in USA (previously Amir and Missionary In-charge in Canada).

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Bhamari brothers (Aziz and Ibrahim)(They were described by Ahmadiyya sources Maulvi’s) came from a village called “Bhamari” could also be called ‘Bamari” which was situated only a few miles away from Qadian. Their family had joined the Ahmadiyya very early. But the majority of the village was against the Jama’at. It happened in this village, I think in 1944-45, that a party of the Ahmadis had gone there to preach to the villagers on a so called “Tableeghi” mission. The villagers turned against them and beat them and throw them out of the village boundary.

We have a government document from 1948 which talks about Ahmadi’s getting arrested in the village of Bhamari. Ahmadi’s arrested in Bhambri. 

Aziz and his brother Ibrahim were given this nick-name by the people of Qadian. Both of them joined “Madrasse Ahmadiyya” and later “Jami’a Ahmadiyya”. They were qualified missionaries. But only Aziz joined the missionary cadre. His elder brother Ibrahim qualified as a school teacher and as such taught at “Ta’lim -ul-Islam High School” in Qadian and later on in Rabwah.
Most of the time during his attachment to “Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya” he was working in  “Nazarat Umur-i Aama” which was created to look after general affairs of the Ahmadiyya community. As such he was generally known as un-offical “Thanedaar”. In this position he committed many a serious crimes which were generally over-looked even by the police. I remember having seen the public beating of a burglar by Bhamri’s youth in such a brutal way that the man died on the spot. His accomplice was a young man from Rabwah, whose life was spared. Local Police did not take any action. This and other such brutal cases were committed under Aziz Bhamari’s supervision.

In his older age he migrated to Canada, where his late daughter was married to the chief missionary Nasim Mahdi. She died many years ago.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________A picture of Ibrahim Bhambri
Ibrahim Bhambri is 3rd from left on chairs

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