Per a British Government report, In 1942, in the village of Bhamari, which is 6 miles (south-east) from Qadian, 17 Ahmadi’s were arrested, including missionaries (See page 103/356, and many others, this is a document from the British library) and executive members of the Sadr Anjuman at Qadian. Malik Ghulam Farid even wrote a letter to the Deputy Commissioner at Gurdaspur asking for help on this case, Jalal ud Din Shams wrote letters from the UK also. In all of these letters, the Ahmadiyya Movement was reminding the British government of their loyalty and asking for leniency, which they always got, since the Mirza family and their family business (AMJI) were a sapling of the British.

Nevertheless, Malik Ghulam Farid’s full letter (dated June 6th, 1943)(15 pages)(See pages 104/356 to 118/356) can be found herein. Malik Ghulam Farid explains how the Ahrar group showed up and setup a rival Jalsa just a few yards away. Malik Ghulam Farid alleges that as soon as the Ahmadi mini-jalsa was over, and Ahmadi’s were dispersing, they were physically attacked with weapons. However, the British police and a totally opposite view of events and arrested (challaned) 16 Ahmadi’s for under section 148/325 of the Indian Penal code. Malik Ghulam Farid alleges that there were 400-500 Ahmadi’s present in Bhamari, including the sons of Mir Muhammad Ishaq and Syed Wali Ullah Shah (aka Maulvi Sayyid Zayn al’Abidin Waliullah Shah). A woman named Hamida Kashmiri was mentioned as someone who told the Ahrars that the Qadiani’s would ruin them (complete destruction). Malik Ghulam Farid alleges that the police is against the Qadiani’s. Malik Ghulam Farid tells how 2 Ahmadi murrabi’s, Maulvi Abdul Aziz and Maulvi Muhammad Ibrahim. These are the famous Bhamari brothers who were the top gangsters of Rabwah (See page 109/356). Malik Ghulam Farid mentions 4 Ahmadi murrabi’s under whom are charges, Mir Muhammad Ishaq, Syed Wali Ullah Shah, Maulvi Abdur Rahman and Maulvi Dil Muhammad.

It’s unclear as to what happened with this case.

A letter by Maulvi Farzand Ali is also mentioned in this document. In 1934-35, the Governor of the Punjab also chimed and told Ahmadi’s that they better behave. the governor of the Punjab was Herbert William Emerson (see page 268). He had many issues with the Ahmadiyya movement and their modus operandi.


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