Ahmadiyya leadership will never directly admit to this. However, if you have researched the Mirza family sufficiently and studying their political leanings, it becomes obvious in terms of what they really want. They want their own country wherein their Khalifa can be in-charge. They have been striving to do this since at least 1947, when Pakistan was created and Ahmadis lusted for their own territory, and eventually landed on Rabwah, as they bought it for pennies on the nickel, and then sub-leased it to Ahmadis who were relocating in Pakistan from India. See also the ROR of Feb-1938 wherein the 2nd Khalifa opines that he might get invited to an ahmadi country and be a spiritual advisor.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud Ahmad

“We do not have the power to forcibly rectify the people and throw that person who does not obey our orders of the country like Hitler and Mussolini, and punish the one that is not prepared to listen and obey us. If we had power, then we would have done this within a day and not have let another day rise that we had these shortcomings in us but if we get power today we will implement our orders”.[1]
[1] M, Mahmood, Khutbat Mahmood, Vol.17 p.337—1936

Mirza Tahir Ahmad

In elucidating the goal for the Ahmadiyya community, Mirza Tahir Ahmad, the fourth “Caliph”, approvingly quotes the second Ahmadi “Caliph”:

“”“You are not supposed to sit at rest. Your destination is yet very far. Your task is very arduous, and your responsibilities are heavy. You are under the Command of your Lord to wield the Sword of the Qur’an and assail all powers of darkness simultaneously; bring all the countries of the world under the banner of Allah and His Messenger, or lay down your lives in His path. Do not pay heed to minor affairs. Always keep your objective in mind. Every Ahmadi, in any walk of life, must keep one goal, and one alone, in his mind, as a focal point of all his efforts; that is, to capture the entire world for Islam.[2] “””” See

Mirza Tahir Ahmad outlines his plan to conquer the entire world:

“””“The very aim and object of the formation of the Ahmadiyyah Muslim Jama‘at is to translate this undertaking into actionan undertaking which you call a ‘conspiracy’. Almighty Allah Himself has repeatedly blessed the Promised Messiahas with glad tidings of victory in various countries and has foretold the supremacy of Ahmadiyyat, not in one country or two, but throughout the length and breadth of the world. The Promised Messiah has forcefully proclaimed the prophecies of the ultimate triumph of Islam with glory and grandeur. For the Jama‘at that openly declares its aim to conquer the entire world to be blamed for taking over Balochistan is a trivial matter indeed.[3]

“””“We are certainly involved in this ‘conspiracy’ and are engaged in a life and death struggle all over the world to seek the pleasure of our Beloved. We shall never hesitate to make any sacrifice in His path.[4]

The “Caliph” has also claimed that “a master-plan is being prepared for the defeat of Christendom.”[5]

Closing off his booklet, he supplicates,

“May Allah enable us to unfurl the banner of Islam on the roofs of the grandest halls of the greatest of the world powers”.[6]

[2] Mirza Tahir Ahmad, “The Supreme Plan for the Regeneration of Islam, p.20, URL:

[3] Ibid. p.22

[4] Ibid. p.24

[5] Ibid. p.25

[6] Ibid. p.30
_____________________________________________________________________________________________From Zafrullah Khan to Qasim Rashid

If you research these two people, the goals of Ahmadiyya become evident. Zafrullah Khan was hired by the British government back in the 1920’s and 30’s and became their agent in India, the British government rewarded Ahmadiyya for his crimes as they gave his Khalifa the entire city of Rabwah in 1948, in a deal which was against the laws of any country. Ahmadis then continued in the 1950’s, as Zafrullah Khan made sure that Ahmadis got hired into the most important posts in the military and government (see Brush). Later on in the early 1970’s, Ahmadis were ordered to vote for Bhutto and did so. Then, they landed on the idea of abandoning Pakistan, since it was in shambles by 1973, and the new constitution specifically said that only a Muslim could be President or Prime Minister. By the 1980’s, Mirza Tahir Ahmad wanted to move out of Pakistan and thus colluded with Zia to get Ord-XX passed, and then immediately fled the country.


You will see Ahmadis all over the internet spreading their marketing, they arent capable of any type of intelligent discussion, however, they are still on the internet, as marketing-robots, brainless minions actually is what they really are. In the scans in the below, you will see common Ahmadis tweeting about the ultimate victory of Ahmadiyya, you will also see memes that Ahmadis have made in terms of their arrogance. Enjoy!
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The evidence

The Mirza family will not stop unless the British government stops them

The Mirza family will continue on until the Brits stop them, there is no other country on the world that has a chance. For example, if the USA bans Ahmadiyya….its irrelevant, since the headquarters of Ahmadiyya are in the UK, as well as their tax-exempt status. Ahmadiyya will continue to operate.
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