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A while ago on Twitter, I opined that making children as young as 7 year old repeat a word by word pledge in which it says “I bear witness, Muhammad was a Messenger of Allah” could be considered as indoctrination. Many Ahmadis jumped into comment on it and many of them had some meaningful insights to share. One of their major argument was:

“””Ahmadis Children are encouraged to learn about other religions and faiths, and then reach a conclusion themselves using their own reason.”””

Anyway, while many Ahmadis honestly believe Ahmadiyyat completely makes sense and they raise children in such a way which encourages them to use reason, the story of formation of Khuddamul Ahmadiyya by Mirza Mahmud is not a one which gave freedom of choice or reason.

One twitter user, somewhere posted about this based on the writings from a book called Mash Ale Rah by Mirza Mahmud which is available on in Urdu. Since I don’t understand Urdu. I asked about the meaning of this to a friend of mine and she gave me an overall meaning which I found alarming.

So I decided to post about this under a Twitter post of an Ahmadi (Imam I think) who was talking about how Mirza Mahmud was a champion of youth by finding Khuddamul Ahmadiyya, the Youth Association. Here, I shared the screenshots from the book and asked them whether Mirza Mahmur ordered parents, family and friends to boycott, for a day, Ahmadis who refuses to Join Khuddam like a “dirty cloth thrown out of the home”. If you can read Urdu you can find the pages at: (Page 207 & 208 | Pdf pages 215 & 216)

Anyway, after hours, no Ahmadi shared anything (I hope they’ll come up with some explanation soon) but another exAhmadi BeyondAhmadiyya gave some insights about what Mirza Mahmud Ahmad said in those pages. Which are:

> Mirza Mahmud is talking about the creation of the auxiliaries (khuddam, atfal, ansar). He specified that to recruit khuddam there should be a 15-day recruitment duration when all young men at each selected mosque/location should sign up.

> For those that refuse to sign up, they are to be punished for 3 days through complete social boycott. Mom, dad, siblings, close friends/family won’t be allowed to speak to them. They will only be provided food by the other khuddam.
[I find it very Cultish and cruel. If accurate, Mahmud is asking everyone to boycott a 15 year old kid and only Khuddam (members of the institution in which he is not ready to participate) are allowed to give him food. It’s like a Psychological torture]

> Those who signed up but didn’t do the job assigned them. They are to receive the same social boycott as the others for one day. In addition, they are to be thrown out of the house (like a dirty rag) for 24 hours. Only food will be provided.

> On first page (pg.207) it also says that those who flat out don’t join within the given 15 days will be expelled.

I don’t find any of this as freedom of choice or encouraging reason rather forcing a 15 year old kid to join an institution he’s not willing to participate.
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