After the Rabwah terrorist attacks, Mirza Nasir Ahmad went to the Associated Press of America and cried that the Pakistan govt. had planned and initiated the attack in Rabwah and that Ahmadis were totally innocent.  Mirza Nasir Ahmad should have been arrested for contempt of court, since an investigation was already underway and Mirza Nasir Ahmad hadnt been officially questioned yet.

Zafrullah Khan scored the interview
Zafrullah Khan was a vicious Ahmadi.  Every job he ever did in his life, he had the Mirza family’s best interest in mind.  In this case, after the Rabwah terrorists attacks, he immediately contacted his network of politicians and media outlets and began a propaganda war against Pakistan.  You can find more info on his statements and Mirza Nasir Ahmad’s statements here:

The Pakistan Times reported on Tuesday, August 27th, 1974
Samdani Report Absolves Government


“”The report of Justice Samdani has completely absolved the Government of any responsibility of the Rabwah incidents.  This was disclosed by the Prime Minister, Mr. Z.A. Bhutto, during his speech in parliament today.  He said that the hands of the government were clean and, therefore, Samdani report had also reached to this conclusion.  He also mentioned the efforts made by him and his government for peace and harmony.”””

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