Ahmadis are divided into so many groups that the main group has to be called ‘Qadiani’ and that is the name their prophet used with his name all his life. Lahoris and Janbis and other Ahmadis want to be called Ahmadis as well.

1) If someone is quoting strange ‘ahadith’ and misquoting Islamic scholars, and talking about outlandish theories about homeopathy and opium potions for impotency, and Kashmir, he is Qadiani

2) If someone hates most Muslims around him, all Muslim rulers, and all Muslim scholars without even reading their works, he is Qadiani

3) If you see a woman wearing a unique style of tight-fitting burqa that you have not see before with a niqab that is neither here nor there — not really niqab but looks like one — don’t be perplexed, the woman is probably Qadiani

4) Most Qadianis will swear and froth in the mouth at the mention of Bhutto, Zia, Maududi, King Faisal etc.

5) If someone is saying that Muslims suffering in various parts of the world deserve it, and rarely condemn the persecution of Muslims in Palestine, Kashmir, etc., they are probably Qadiani

6) If someone disappears to Chenab Nagar or to Canada with your money, or promises to get you refugee status in Germany or Canada, or wants to go to their local ‘Qaza’ instead of court, they are probably Qadiani.

7) If someone claims to have the most knowledge in the world about everything but hasn’t written a book or given a lecture before a proper audience, he is probably Qadiani. If a person boasts about their community’s literacy, but very few in their community have read the ‘books’ of their religious leader, he is probably Qadiani.

Remember, Qadianis are an offshoot of Islam, and believe in Muhammad(saw) as a previous prophet like Christians believe in Moses (as) and will celebrate Eid just like Christians celebrate Jewish holidays — or Sikhs celebrate Hindu Diwali. They have their new prophet and their new festival and new holy places.

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