As we all know, Ahmadis will be all over the internet trying to argue about he death of Esa (as).  They are fanatical too…and they cherry pick islamic scholars and discard their overwhelming writings on any topic, then cherry pick and misrepresent.  Well, in this case, we have found MGA writing that the belief in any “Promised-Messiah” is not even relevant to Islam…its just a prophecy.  He goes on to say that its not even an essential part of Islam to believe in any Messiah or the lack thereof.

The scan work

p. 140, Izala Auham
“First, it should be known that belief in the descent of the Messiah is not a belief which is one of our fundamentals of faith or one of the pillars of the religion. In fact, it is a prophecy among hundreds of prophecies, which has nothing to do with the basis of Islam. Islam was not an incomplete religion till the time this prophecy was explained, nor did it become more complete when this prophecy was explained. It is not necessary that prophecies should be fulfilled in the literal sense.” (p. 140)

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