As we all know, the entire Mirza Family was above the law in British-India.  Around 1897-1898, MGA was reported to the local tax collectors as having received large amounts of money and to have avoided paying tax.  It seems that there was a Hindu who was raising all of these issues vs. MGA

Life of Ahmad by Dard
You can read about this entire story in the Qadiani version of the Life of Ahmad.

See pages 595–598

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The scans from Mujadid-e-Azim by Dr. Basharat Ahmad (Lahori-Ahmadi)


Dr Basharat Ahmad a Lahori Qadiyani in his book Mujaddid e Azam at page 578-579 has narrated accounts of Income tax case made against Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyni a summary of which is given below:

Opponents have complained to the govt that Mirza Qadiyani receives handsome amount of money from his followers on account of Chanda and do not pay tax, so why not this income should be brought under tax net.

So the total annual taxable income of Mirza Qadiayni from Chanda collection was determined at Rs.7200/- and payable tax for the year 1897 was calculated to the tune of Rs 187/- and 8 annas. Accordingly, a demand notice for payment of said amount was issued to Mirza Qadiyani by the Hindu Revenue Officer of the area who, according to author, was not only a jealous person but a dead enemy of Mirza qadiyani.

Mirza Qadiyani decided to file an appeal against the demand which needed the written accounts books. So khuwaja Jamaluddin and Molvi Abdul Karim Sialkoti were deputed to prepare such Accounting books. Meantime while having a review of these books Mirza said this Tehsildar (Revenue Officer) will be transferred and it did happen. A new officer,namely Mian Tajudddin sb (must be a qadiyani) became new Tehsildar of Batala.
The new Revenue Officer recorded the statement of Mirza qadiyani according to which he declared his annual income from Talluqa Dari, (no idea as to what does this mean) is Rs 82 and 10 annas, His land income is Rs 300/- approx, annual income from Fruit Farm is Rs 200 to Rs 500/- He further declared that he received about Rs 5000/- from followers this year and it was Rs 4000/- last year.

The new revenue officer wrote in his report that he has investigated the matter and enquired from local residents who claimed that annual income of Mirza Qadiyani is higher than his declarations but no body could produce any evidence.

Then the Tehsildar submitted the case to the Deputy Commissioner District Gurdaspur, Mr. T Dixon with his recommendations that annual income of Mirza do not comes under tax net therefore, tax may not be charged from him. Then the Deputy Commissioner decided that his income from follower is not taxable and the same is exempted from tax.