As we all know, nowadays, Ahmadis are desperately asserting that Piggot repented from his claims of being God after he was warned by MGA.  Which is a total lie.  Piggot never knew MGA, nor did he ever respond to MGA’s letters and etc.  Further, MGA went a step further and was guaranteeing that Piggot would die within his lifetime, MGA went so far to place his entire reputation on the line.  See the ref…

Taken from the Review of Religions of Sep 1903

Click to access reviewreligionsenglish190309.pdf

Page 349-351

This was published in an English newspaper called the “The Sunday Circle”, London, Feb 14th, 1903:

MGAQ stated:

“If he does not repent of this irreverant claim, he soon shall be annihilated, even in my lifetime………..”

“The death of Mr. Piggot within my life-time shall be another sign of my truth. If I die before Mr. Piggot I am not the true Messiah, nor am I from God. But if almighty God makes me a witness of Mr. Pigots death, which shall be brought about by the efficacy of my prayer, let the whole world bear witness that I am the true Messiah, and that I am from God. We are both under the control of a higher power, and that powerful God shall bring the false Messiah to destruction within the lifetime of the true one.” 

The editor of The Sunday Circle then comments:

“It will appear from this that the same claimant who challenges one pretender to pray that the liar may die in the life-time of the true claimant, has predicted the death of the another pretender, fifteen years younger than himself , within his own lifetime……”

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