As we all know, Ahmad Kareem Shaikh quit Ahmadiyya in roughly 1993, based on administrative issues within the Jamaat. He then researched Ahmadiyya for 3-4 years and realized the fraud. He then launched many websites which exposed Ahmadiyya and began the “Ahmadiyya-Awareness” work which helped soooo many Ahmadis quit Ahmadiyya. In a recent Facebook video, he explains how Ahmadiyya leadership reported him to the authorities in Canada under accusations of terrorism and etc. He also explains how Ahmadiyya has an “FBI” type of organization within itself, an organization that focuses on spying on critics and Ahmadis. This goes back to the mean streets of Rabwah, back when Ahmadiyya leadership spied on Ahmadis in Rabwah and Muslims all throughout Pakistan. ¬†Enjoy the video work….
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