The Batiniya cult is an offshoot of the Shia sect, which according to Imam Suyuti emerged about 82 years after the demise of Prophet Muhammad (saw). The cult upon it’s emergence and throughout the history has been unanimously declared Zanaadiqa (heretics) and Kuffar (disbelievers) by the Muslim Scholars. Scholars like Ibn Taymiyya and Khateeb Baghdadi have gone even further to say that their Kufr (disbelief) is worse than the kufr of Jews and Christians. The word Baatin (Arabic) means hidden. So the principle of the Batiniya is that behind every Qura’nic Verse and Saying of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) there is a hidden/metaphorical meaning and only the Imam can explain the real meaning behind it, interpreting it literally is misguidance and ignorance.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Imam Ghazali in his book (Exposing the Batiniyah) writes about the beliefs of this misguided sect, the beliefs, which are shockingly similar to the Ahmadiyya cult today.

He writes:

”And when it comes to miracles they deny all of them or distort their meanings. For example,
The Great Flood, they say, that it wasn’t a literal flood but a flood of knowledge and the ark is symbolic to being the gate of that knowledge.
The fire of Abraham wasn’t a literal fire but it denotes the anger of Nemrud
The staff of Moses wasn’t a literal staff but it was his arguments he presented against Pharaoh.
The Jinns who worked under Sulayman were actually the Batiniya of that time and Shayateen were the people who interpret religious texts literally.
Jesus never brought anyone to life literally, but by ”bringing back to life” denotes the birth of knowledge and death of ignorance.
They also believe (May Allah curse them) that Jesus had a father and his father was Joseph the carpenter).
These are some of the comical interpretations and distortions they make of the Qur’an”

Imam Al-Ghazali said most of these beliefs they held were so bizarre that considering these beliefs to be that of a Muslim would be an insult to Islam and he specifically cursed them for holding the belief that Jesus had a father.

Now, if we compare them to the Ahmadiyya cult today, they also hold similar beliefs especially regarding the miracles of Jesus (bringing back dead to life) and his birth.
Although the Ahmadis claim that Mirza stated that Jesus was born without the intervention of a male but at the same time he was presented with ”proofs” from one of his deluded followers (Shaykh Qamaruddin) and he said those evidences were so strong that there’s nothing wrong to believe that Jesus had a father. Batiniya are the forefathers of the Ahmadiyya cult.


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