Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his team hated everyone. They were finally banned by the British govt. of dishing out “death-prophecies”, since Lekh Ram was murdered and other people were almost killed for simply opposing MGA and his team. I have posted pictures that MGA and his team drew up of Dr. Dowie.  Enjoy…Ruhani khuzain-22, page 699, and page 515 haqeeqatul wahi (this  photo is not in the english edition of “Haqiqatul Wahy”). The second photo is from
Anjam-e-Athim, it seems that MGA and his ghost writers copied this image from Christian publications, its unclear how much was edited by MGA and his team. While it does say “which was taken from the pictures published by the Christians” .. that does not mean this caricature was copied from one. The cartoon, obviously of a mocking nature of a trinity painting, was probably his or his disciples’ creation, including the mocking title. Which is exactly our point.

Qadiani-Ahmadi’s are claiming that MGA took this caricature from a Christian source. If so, can you show us a reference to it, or trinity being called a “three member committee” by Christians?

The pictures

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