This blog entry was inspired by a question that I fielded on twitter.  An Ahmadi had asked me about the prophecies of MGA, he was asking in terms of how was it possible that MGA had so many prophecies come true and etc.  This Ahmadi, much like the majority of Ahmadis believe that ALL the prophecies of MGA had come true and this somehow proved MGA’s truthfulness.
In this short essay I will show just one example of MGA’s boasting-type-attitude and his non-stop deception, his constant lying, his never admitting to his mistakes, and other patterns of behavior that will shock even the most savage of men.  In the case of Lekh Ram vs. MGA, it is obvious that the Ahmadi-mullah team have tried their very vest to erase much of the evidence, nonetheless, i present the current research of 2016.

MGA’s beef with the Arya Samaj-Hindus of the Punjaab
After the publishing of BA-vol. 4, MGA began challenging the Hindus of India to a death contest, and by Ahmadiyya standards they call it a Mubahila.  This is also called the 1-year challenge. There were about 15 Arya Samajist in Qadian in those days (see page 78), it is interesting to note that Dard calls Arya-Samaj a cult on page 79, he seems to ignore the idea that Ahmadiyya is also a cult, like scientology.  Nonetheless, MGA had beefed with the Arya Samaaj since at least 1875 (Dard) and his beef continued.  This is against the Quran, since allah tells us to never criticize the Gods of other religions.  So obviously, MGA was ignoring a command of Allah and thus critisizing the God of the Hindus (see the Quran, 6:108, Tafsir Ibn Kathir).  In the history of Islam, no Muslim of India had ever challenged Hindus to Mubahila.  In fact, most muslims of the world had never ever done any Mubahila, and in fact, Muhammad (saw) never did any Mubahila.  The delegation of Christians that he met were in terms of collecting Jizya, which was a socio-political issue, not a matter of “lets argue religion”.

In 1885, Lekh Ram comes to Qadian
Per MGA’s challenge, Lekh Ram showed up and most likely stayed at the Arya Samaaj house of worship in Qadian.  To date, Lekh Ram’s writings on his visit to Qadian are missing from the records.  It is interesting to note, that from April 1885 to August 1885, Lekh Ram and MGA exchanged at least 10 letters (see Dard, page 109).  Finally, Lekh Ram showed up to Qadian in Nov of 1885.  MGA refused to meet with Lekh Ram and only letters were exchanged between the two.  ((((New research proves that MGA and Lekh Ram actually met, in this blog entry, I have cataloged the event)))).  They eventually agreed on a challenge of 300 rupees and this is where the Ahmadiyya records go blank.  They purposely hide the fact that MGA had also agreed to a Mubahila with Lekh Ram and this was a 1-year-Mubahila.  Lekh Ram countered and said that MGA and his lineage would be cut off.  He also said that MGA would die in 3 years.

20 Feb 1886 Prophecy
As everyone knows, this is the real prophecy vs. Lekh Ram.  However, it doesn’t mention Lekh Ram at all, in fact, it is mostly about the Promised Son.  It seems like that Ahmadi-mullah-team has edited all of those utterances totally out.

The March 1, 1886 Prophecy
On this date, MGA published an announcement vs. Lekh Ram.  

In 1893, MGA publishes his older correspondence with Lekh Ram
“””like Munshi Inderman Muradabadi and Pandit Lekhram Peshawari, about whose destiny and fate something will be written in this booklet (i.e. Siraj Muneer) provided there is enough time and the timing is right . . . I do so with a heavy heart . . . and if someone does not like a prophecy about them to be printed in this booklet . . . entitled to send me a written and signed statement by March 1, 1886, or within two weeks of the publication of this booklet . . ” (Collection of Advertisements, vol 1, pp 99-100) Lekhram promptly replied with a postcard asking to publish whatever Mirza Ghulam Ahmad wanted to publish about him. (RK, Vol 5. p.250).”””

MGA and Lekh Ram entered into the death prophecy in 1886-1887.  This is the proof.  Lekh ram wrote as-follows:

Takzeeb-Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, Vol.-1 :

“””This person will die of diarrhea within three years and none of his offspring will survive.””” (see the offical website of Ahmadiyya, retrieved on 11-9-16,

MGA also wrote about Lekh ram in 1888 as follows:

“What is the entitlement of the corpse-eating Liar that Heaven should show a sign for him and the earth should exhibit paranormal spectacles?” (Siraj-e-Muneer, Roohani Khazain vol.12 p. 3)

“Lekhram’s age is at present at the most 30 years and he is a young man of robust built in good health. And this humble self is little more than 50 years old and weak and permanently sick and is afflicted with different kind of illnesses. Despite that, it will be evident in this contest which thing is from human being and which is from God.” (Siraj-e-Muneer, Roohani Khazain vol. 12 p. 17)

All prophecies vs. the Arya Samaaj and Lekh Ram had expired by 1891
After 1891, Lekh Ram was provoked so much by MGA that he wrote some controversial tracts about Islam and etc.   At first, Lekh Ram had limited his attacks to the Ahmadi movement of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, but he increasingly attacked orthodox Muslims as well. His pamphlet, Risala-i-Jihad ya’ri Din-i-Muhammad ki Bunyad (A Treatise on waging holy war, or the foundation of the Muhammadan Religion) caused a considerable outcry, when it was published in 1892. Until his murder by a Muslim five years later, Lekh Ram continued to stir up animosity by his vituperative writings.” (Punjab and the Raj, 1849–1947″, p. 72–73) Ian Talbot.

In 1892, Lekh Ram’s life was in danger
From 1890-1893, a 3-year-period, MGA was silent on Lekh Ram.  All of sudden in 1893, MGA predicted the death of Lekh Ram in 6 years.  This is MGA and his team being dishonest yet again.  The saga and Mubahilas with the Arya Samaaj and Lekh Ram had all expired, MGA and Lekh Ram were still alive.  MGA admitted to making a prophecy about Lekh Ram in 1886, however, that is as far as he goes.

In 1897, Lekh Ram is murdered and the the doctors assistance is an Ahmadi
Lekh Ram was eventually murdered in 1897.  Batalvi urged the govt. to search MGA’s house. MGA seemed to have inside information on how Lekh ram died, this seems to have startled the entire Punjaab.  However, the inside story was that Lekh Ram was taken to the Mayo Hospitol in Lahore after getting stabbed, and the Doctors-assistant who was working that night just so happened to be an Ahmadi.  Mirza Yaquub Beg was the young Ahmadi doctor and he shared all of the info with MGA, in terms of where Lekh Ram was stabbed and etc.  And he boasted and gloated and was happy that Lekh Ram died (see pages 10-14).  Also See the ROR of 1984 for the story.

Some Conclusions
All of the Mubahilas between MGA and the Arya Samaaj seem to have ended by 1891.  MGA claimed that Lekh Ram would be punished and etc etc.  However, that happened, so in 1893, MGA simply re-issued the same mubahila and attached a 6-year period to it.  Later on, he would attach a 15-month death prophecy vs. Abdullah Athim which also failed.

The Ahmadiya editorial team seems to have struck again, as they continue to tie up loose ends in the writings of MGA.  Its non-stop.

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