Professor Johnathan Brown is getting trolled by many Ahmadis these days. He had publicly posted a statement asking for people to show any Muslim scholar who considered Ahmadis as Muslims.  Well…some people have responded. In 2023, Razi got caught lying about Abdul Majid Dariyabadi and his position on Eisa (as) getting put on the cross or not.

Abdul Majid Dariyabad
The opinion I attribute to Abdul Majid Dariyabadi is from an exchange he had with Ashraf Ali Thanawi on interpreting Mirza Ghulam’s nubuwwah, which is documented in volume 6 of Thanawi’s Fatawa Imdadiyya.

Ubaydullah Sindhi
He considered Hakim Nur al-Din as the most prominent Qur’an mufassir of his time. The extracts are effusive with praise for him. Further, Sindhi considers Ahmedism a sociopolitical movement and refuses to entertain any theological pronouncements against them.

Sindhi and Dariyabadi actively, not passively, abstained and refused to do takfir of Ahmedis at a time when it had become a call for doctrinal mobilization. Dariyabadi’s exchange with Thanvi is over doctrine: he makes a case for using ta’wil to exculpate Ahmedis from denial of khatam un Nubuwwah. Let me share a secondary source recounting that exchange. As for Sindhi, if you look at the recent spate of writings by Deobandi scholars against him, he is repeatedly singled out for refusing to do takfir of Ahmedis. This refusal was not grounded in lack of knowledge or lack of interest. In the entire chapter from Professor Sarwar’s book, he praises Hakim Nur al-Din as a faqih, muhaddith and mufassir (not as a good kafir) and criticizes Ghulam Mirza as a weak intellectual, but not once does he do takfir of the latter. He even points to the futility of the entire Khatm un Nubuwwa movement which is based on doctrinal takfir of Ahmedis. I do take your point that Ahmedism itself was an evolving movement at that time.

Anwar Shah Kashmiri
Allamah anwar shah wrote ikfaar ul mulhideen in which he wrips apart the qadianis.
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Abdul Majid Dariyabadi

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