I have came across some interesting data in terms of the 2nd marriage of Mirza Nasir Ahmad, which happened in 1982.  Be sure to read this essay also:

The data
A lot was said about this marriage. In almost every khutba nikah, murabbis say that taqwah is the real criteria for nikah. But when Khalifa 3
selected his 2nd wife he forgot to check that she was not even a moosia (see below). These days everyone is supposed to do wassiyyat to get visa-free entry for
jannat but how come hazoor forgot this criteria when he was selecting his wife purely on the basis of taqwah.

One interesting fact is that the haq mehar of Dr Tahira was Rs 1000 (in 1982?) but the Haq mehar of Mubarka begum was Rs 56000 (in 1908?).
Jamat talks about simplicity, no lavish spending on such events like nikah, marriage etc. What kind of message the messiah of time is giving to poor people in
his community when he himself sets the mehar of Rs 56000 for his daughter (see khutba nikah). All the khutbas are about the simplicity and the example of
nominal mehar of Hazrat Fatima is always quoted by hazoors an murabbis but look what they themselves do…

Why did MGA take soooo much Haq Mehr for his daughter
Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (MGA) accepted Rs56000/= as haq-mehar for his daughter because his daughter WAVIED OFF HER RIGHT TO 1/8TH (ONE-EIGHTH) SHARE
IN PROPERTY OF HER HUSBAND. As nawabs did NOT want to let their property divided to other families, so instead of giving share in property they gave a decent
amount in form of haq-mehar to the bride. This haq-mehar was to become TOTAL PROPERTY of wife i.e. daughter of MGA. Moreover, as Maulana Noor Ud Din
(MNUD) sahib said that there is NO limit on haq-mehar amount AS LONG AS GROOM IS WILLING TO PAY AND DEPENDS ON HIS FINANCIAL HEALTH/ STATUS. MNUD sahib also
made it clear that even Rs56000/= was relatively MUCH LESS than standard in the nawab family of groom.

Dr. Tahira’s father was dead by 1982
Dr. Tahira’s brother Professor…..(I am forgetting his name, at the moment), who was professor in Qadiani College run by Qadianis in Rabwah, was close CONFIDANT of Mirza Nasir Ahmad (MNA), but when he came to know about intentions of MNA, he opposed him, as he knew that MNA is VERY OLD and SICK, so probability of her sister Dr. Tahira to become widow in her youth is VERY HIGH, other than the fact that she is in LOVE with MNA son and wants to marry him, in addition he knew that when her sister will become widow, then according to Qadiani Law, she can not remarry, so she will remain single. Since, father of Dr. Tahira had already died before, so her brother who was her guardian, was opposing this marriage.  During his opposition, all of a sudden he died and the news on folks tongues was that he has been POISONED to silence, as per TRADITIONS of Qadiani Khalifas. The only other close relative of Dr. Tahira who was alive was her mother.

Other comments from the old discussion forum, from 2008
“””In 1963 -66 was student in T:I:College and QK.3 was Principal. He has had a lot of Pigeons, and Dr. Tahira was near about 12 years, his brother was also profesor in T:I:College. Her house was not so far and she visited often to play with pigeons, at that time often students were telling each other as joke or real (God knows) that she comes to play with *Special Kabooter of Mian Nasir Sahib*. May be from that age she was having a soft corner and familiar with that one private kabooter, so it is quite possible that she was also intrested to mary with QK3, to play further with her beloved old kabooter”””.  See here:

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