Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed prophethood in Nov. of 1901.  Through an announcement, “A correction of an error”, aka “Aik Ghalti Ka Izala”.  Ironically, he had denied prophethood for 20 years.  The 2nd Khalifa, Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad told us that MGA discovered a new type of prophethood in 1901, a prophethood that had never existed in the Quran, nor had it ever been given to any prophet.  It was the idea of the “ummati-nabi”.  All 124,000 prophets sent by Allah were NOT ummati, they were independent.  When the Quran and hadith talked about prophethood, this was the type of prophethood that it referred to, “independent-prophets”, even Aaron (as) was an independent prophet.  My team and I have additional information that MGA did claim prophethood in 1901, (contrary to what the Lahori-Ahmadis believe), and I have now posted the new research find in the below.

A Muslim scholar Qazi Muhammad Sulaiman, special Megistrate, Patiala wrote these
Mirza sahib aur nabwat Ka Ishtihar

Mirza Sahib Aour Nabwuat Per Mohakma