In 1891, MGA and company were lying about the true nature of MGA’s prophethood. They were arguing per 4:64 that Prophets and Messengers only followed Allah, they could never follow a prophet. However, after 1901, MGA changed his mind, his sons tells us that he discovered the opposite, i.e., that a follower could become a Nabi.

The Quote
Ref: ‘Izala Auham’ Page 407,, PDF 307

English translation:

“But alas the late Mulvi Sahib did not understand that a claimant of a real Prophet Hood can never be an Ummati (subordinate of a Prophet). It is categorically forbidden according to the teachings of Quran and Ahadith that the person, who attains a real status of a Prophet of God, becomes an Ummati and subordinate of another Prophet. God Almighty says in the verse (Quran 4:64) that every Prophet we appoint fulfils the purpose to lead and become Amam. Not for the purpose to become a subordinate and obedient to another Prophet. Only a Mohadas of this Umah may be an Ummati as well as an inferior sense Prophet.”

In 1901, MGA and his team changed their position on this topic….per Basheeruddin Mahmud Ahmad
MGA was never clear on his prophethood…he left it fact, he would have probably claimed to be a law-bearing prophet had he lived longer.  His son, the Khalifa, explained in 1915, that MGA and his team discovered that an Ummati can be a nabi, and they had written opposite to this for 10 years in error.  In fact, they claim that their God was telling MGA the whole time, but MGA was confused and thus gave false testimony in terms of his prophethood.

The Quran only mentions independent propehthood
Per 4:64, and all other verses in the quran in terms of prophethood and messengership, a Prophet or messenger only follow Allah and can never be an “Ummati-Nabi”…they can only be metaphoric-prophets, or like the prophets per hadith.

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