Noorudin was bed-ridden after his fall from his pony in the late 1909-1910 era.  He then had his leg amputated.  He died a miserable and painful death.  We only bring this up because Ahmadis always predict the death of others and pray for the deaths of all of their critics.  Nooruddin wasn’t in his right mind after his fall and was taken advantage of in many ways.  In fact, in the early part of 1914, Mahmud Ahmad even spoke ill of Nooruddin and later claimed that Noorudin was vacillating.

The data
Then quoting Hakeem Nooruddin from Al-Hakam, Qadian, 21-28 June, 1912, page 20, from Tareekh-e-Ahmadiyyat, Vol.3, new edition, page 401:

“””If you try too hard to make me abdicate, then remember that I have such ‘Khalid bin Waleed”s with me who will mete out the punishment of apostates to you.

Page 262: A person who demands that a Khalifa abdicate, whether an individual or a group, is wrong, mistaken, instigator of rebellion, and its punishment is to kill it/them.”””

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