I have written about the role of Noorudin in Ahmadiyya development many times in the past.  What Ahmadis hate to mention is that Nooruddin’s Ahmadi-sons were forcibly kicked out of Ahmadiyya in the 1950’s, it was a messy divorce.  In fact, One of Nooruddin’s sons went  on to represent he Lahori-Ahmadi’s in court in 1974, as the Lahori’s presented their case to the famous NA assembly.

Upal states that Noorudin was a Wahhabi type of Mullah
In a technical manner, Upal has revealed new data from the British-India era which easily indicates that Noorudin was in-fact a Wahhabi, just like MGA, just like Batalvi and all of MGA’s close friends in that era, even MGA’s father-in-law, Mir Nasir Nawab.

The quote
“””Some Ahl-e- Hadith Muslims, such as Moulavi Nur-ud-Din, who were able to justify Ahmad’s claim about Jesus’ death on the grounds that that had been the true teaching of Islam all
along and that belief in Jesus being alive in heaven had been a distortion of the true
teachings of Islam. They were able to justify and make their Muslim identity coherent
with the claim that Jesus was dead. The new identity of “true Muslim” that they had
created as a result of this elaboration process was perfectly coherent with a belief
in a dead Jesus (indeed “it demanded it”, as Ahmad put it).”””(See Upal)