Ahmadiyya INC is always lying about what MGA wrote and etc, in this specific case, we have across a book that published posthumously by Ahmadiyya leadership. They write that it was published in 1922 and claim that it was written in 1906 (see page 387-389). They claim that MGA began writing this book on March 15th, of 1906. In this book, MGA highlights earthquakes and warns the world about some impending day of judgement-type of earthquakes. Although recent Ahmadi sources tell us that MGA wrote this book in 1906, some earlier sources like Hasanat Ali’s, “Noorudin”, see page 101, tell us that portions of this book were also written in 1898, since MGA predicted the birth of Nooruddin’s son with spots all over his body. This book is also mentioned in the ROR of Dec-1939.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Some quotes

“””I shall show you the flash of this Sign five times.”””

[Tajalliyyat-e-Ilahiyyah, p. 1, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 20, p. 395]

“””God says He would come secretly like thieves, that is to say, no astrologer or claimant of revelation or dreamer of dreams will be given any intimation of His coming except that much which He has revealed to His Promised Messiah or that which He might add to it later. After these Signs, a change will occur in the world, and the hearts of many will be drawn to God. Many noble souls will move away from the love of the world. The intervening obstructions of
heedlessness will be removed and they would be given to drink of the fountain of true Islam.”””

[Tajalliyyat-e-Ilahiyyah, pp. 2–3, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 20, p. 396]

“”In a light slumber, I was shown a paper by God Almighty, on which was written:
 meaning that these Signs will prove the truth of the Holy Qur’an.””

[Tajalliyyat-e-Ilahiyyah, p. 2 footnote, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 20, p. 396 footnote]

“””[Persian] When the reign of the Messiah, the monarch begins, the Muslims who were
Muslims in name only will be reconverted to Islam.

In this revelation, by the reign of the just monarch is meant the period of the call of this humble one. No worldly kingdom is indicated here, but the kingdom of heaven that has been bestowed upon me. In summary, the meaning of this revelation is that when the kingdom of heaven, which in the estimation of Allah is the period of the Promised Messiah, began towards the end of the sixth millennium, as had been prophesied by previous Prophets, the effect of it was that those who were only Muslims in name began to be Muslims in fact, as has already happened in the case of about 400,000 of them.”””

[Tajalliyyat-e-Ilahiyyah, p. 3, Ruhani Khaza’in, p. 20, p. 396–397 and Badr, vol. 2, no. 11,
March 16, 1906, p. 2 and al-Hakam, vol. 10, no. 9 March 17, 1906, p. 1]

“””[That is, O Moon, O Sun, you are from Me and I am from you] In this revelation God Almighty has first called me: Moon; being Himself the Sun. This means that as the light of the moon is a bounty from, the sun, in the same way my light is a bounty from God Almighty. Then God has named Me: Sun; being Himself the Moon. This means that He will demonstrate His majestic light through me. He was hidden and will manifest Himself through me. The world was not aware of His Brightness. But now, through me, His majestic light will spread in all directions.”””

[Tajalliyyat-e-Ilahiyyah, p. 4, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 20, p. 397]

The Promised Messiah[as] said: Yesterday I was repeating the revelation

1015 —The reference is to the revelation: [Urdu] I shall
show you the flash of this Sign five times. [Jalal-ud-Din Shams]

when the following Persian verse, which appears after the revelation

1016—The reference is to: [Persian] When the reign of the Messiah, the monarch begins. [Mirza Bashir Ahmad]

mentioned earlier, was suddenly breathed into my soul:

1017—-Persian] Do not undervalue his rank, for Prophets have taken pride in his epoch. [Publishers]

[Tajalliyyat-e-Ilahiyyah, p. 4, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 20, p. 397 and Badr, vol. 2, no. 13,
dated March 29, 1906, p. 1 and al-Hakam, vol. 10, no. 9, March 17, 1906, p. 1]

“””(B) God addressed me and said: Meaning that [Arabic] A time is coming when there will be no one left in this hell which is the hell of plague and earthquakes. That is, in this country. The same will happen here as happened in the case of the people of Nuhas [Noah] that after the death of a large number of people there followed a period of security.

Then after this revelation Allah the Almighty said: That is [Arabic] Then the supplications of
people will be heard, there will be seasonable rains, abundant yields of fruits and harvests, a
time of joy, and freedom from extraordinary afflictions.””””

[Tajalliyyat-e-Ilahiyyah, p. 7, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 20, p. 399] (see also, 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah).  

“”””God has informed me that Maulavi Hakeem Noor-ud-Deen would have a son and there would be small spots on his body signifying “it is the same son who has been prophesied,” and it happened so, that later Hakeem Sahib had a son, who was named Abdul Hayee, and when he was born, he had those small spots and those spots were still on his body.”””

Tajalliyyat-e-Ilahiyyah, (Divine Manifestations, p. 30)Also see Hasanat Ali’s, “Noorudin”, see page 101

“””In a state of vision I was shown those kings, who were riding upon horses, and I was told: These are the ones who will carry the yoke of your obedience on their necks and God will bless them.”””

“””This morning, March 15, 1906, Thursday, I again received the revelation:

This means that through these five earthquakes God will manifest His countenance and demonstrate His being. And you are to Me like My manifestation, that is ‘your coming
is like My perfect manifestation’. It is God’s promise that He will manifest Himself through five earthquakes and the promise of God will not be averted and is bound to be fulfilled.”””

[Tajalliyyat-e-Ilahiyyah, p. 13, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 20, p. 404 and
al-Hakam, vol. 10, no. 9, March 17, 1906, p. 1]

[Tajalliyyat-e-Ilahiyyah, first edition, p. 21 footnote, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 20, p. 409 footnote]

“”””God has repeatedly informed me that He would honour me and the love of Him would be instilled in the hearts of the people. And my Movement will spread all over the world and my movement will triumph over all others and the people of my Movement will gain an excellence in the fields of knowledge and learning. And He will silence all, with the Divine signs and truth. Every nation will come to this stream, and this Movement will increase, grow and prosper till the time that it will overwhelm the whole of the world. There will be numerous difficulties and trials but God will remove all this, from the way and will fulfil His promise, and addressing me God has told:

‘I shall honour thee and bless thee so much so that kings will seek blessings from thy clothes. Therefore, all ye listen, remember and secure these tidings in your caskets that this is a Divine word which will one day manifest itself with full glory. “””

(Tajalliyyat-e-Ilahiyyah, p.17, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol 20, p. 409)

“””I received this honour through obedience to the Holy Prophet, peace be on him. Had I not been one of his followers, I would never have been honoured with the Divine word, even if my striving and my deeds had matched the grandeur and height of all the mountains, for all prophethoods, except the prophethood of Muhammad, have come to an end. No law-bearing prophet can now arise, but a prophet without law may arrive, provided he is primarily a follower of the Holy Prophet, peace be on him. Thus I am both a follower and a prophet.””””

(Tajalliyyat-e-Ilahiyyah, pp. 19-20, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 20, pp. 411-412)
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