MGA insulted many holy people in Islam, Christianity and Judaism, he even stole “hindu -styled-arguments” and passed them off as his own. We thought we had covered it thoroughly, however, everyday we find new data.  Recently, we found a reference from MGA’s book “Ayyamus-Sulah”, in english as “The Age of Peace”, it was published in 1898, in Urdu (see Hidden treasures, page 239).  This book dealt mostly with the issues of the plague, which was running rampant in India in those days, however, MGA also insulted Maryam, the mother of Esa (as).

Maulvi Sanaullah Amritsari also quoted MGA on this in his Ahl-e-Hadees newspaper dated Ahl-e-Hadees of August 5th, 1904 (scans are posted in the below). Listen to our brother Obaidullah explain this entire scenario on the Shams channel herein (see at the 1:50:20 mark).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The context of this specific quote

MGA is expressing his hate against Pashtuns, Afghans, Israelites, and Mary the mother of Jesus Christ, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon her. He says pushtunes and afghans are from the lineage of Bani Israel so they don’t mind extra marital relationship just like the tribes of Bani Israel. He alleges that sometimes their women get pregnant and give birth to children out of these illicit relationships, then he gives the example of Maryam a.s. that she was found accompanying her fiancée Yusuf Najjar before getting married to him. NAUZUBILLAH. He also made mockery of the faces and features of Bani Israel tribes and their dresses.

The original scan and translation from roohani khazyian 14 -page 300 (ayam alsulah)

Some quotes from Ayyamus-Sulah
1—-“””It is through the prayer that one should seek the path of tadbir. Therefore, the Prayer and tadbir are two facets of the human endeavour and intellect. It is therefore necessary that man should seek the path of tadbir through prayer.””” (Ayyamus-Sulah, p. 3, Ruhani
Khaza’in vol. 14, p. 231)

2—-“””…I saw in a dream that God’s angels were planting black trees in different parts of the Punjab. Those trees were very ugly, black in colour, terrifying and of small size. I asked some of those who were planting them: What kind of trees are these? They answered: These are trees of the plague which is about to spread in the country. It remained unclear to me whether it was said that the plague would spread during the coming winter or the winter after, but it was a terrible sight which I saw.””” (Ayyamus-Sulah, p. 121, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 4, p. 361)


Listen to our brother Obaidullah explain this entire scenario on the Shams channel herein (see at the 1:50:20 mark). This is in terms of an essay that appeared in the Ahl-e-Hadees newspaper dated April 5th, 1904. This was the newspaper edited by Maulvi Sanaullah. The topic starts on page 12, Qadiani’s have never began at page 12, they always start from page 13, which is a direct quotation from the Review of Religions and an article entitled, “Evidence that the Nasiree Messiah arrived in Kashmir”. However, the full article is entitled, “The Realty of Afghani’s and Kashmiri’s”, via the civil and military gazette, Lahore. On the final page of the essay, in brackets it is written {ROR}, thus proving that this was a direct quote. In the ROR quote, MGA argued that Jewish people would meet their wives even before marriage and touch intimately and Afghani’s and Kashmiri’s do the same.

here we have the Ahl-e-Hadees of August 5th, 1904


Scan from the Al-Fazl

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