Why did Mirza Ghulam Ahmad attack all the prophets of Islam? Because Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s goal was to make a mockery of Islam as he was helping the British Government divide and conquer. Every time MGA failed a prophecy, he blamed prophets of God and mixed in the Bible-Torah narrative. When Bashir-1 died (1888)(part of the Musleh Maud prophecy), MGA immediately blamed Prophets, Muhadas’ and Saints and said that they all made mistakes in terms of prophecies (see pages 12-13)(MGA was already takfeered 4 years earlier). This was MGA’s first failed prophecy and it is connected with the Arya Samaj. MGA was creating communal strife in the Punjab, this is covered by Ian Talbot, MGA was causing communal strife in the Punjab and was specifically targeting the anti-British Arya Samaj Hindu‘s, who believed in one God (ironically)(MGA’s opposition to the Arya Samaj made the British Government happy). After stopping the publishing of his Barahin at 4 (he promised 300 arguments and stopped at 1), MGA began openly challenging the Arya Samaj Hindu’s to unreasonable challenges (like Maulvi Razi). Thus, Lekh Ram came to Qadian and began his assault on Islam, later on Lekh Ram admitted that he would have never criticized Islam if it wasn’t for MGA (see the quote in the below, via Talbot). MGA said the most embarrassing things in his tirade with Lekh Ram and in 1897, Lekh Ram died in an emergency room in Lahore (Mayo Hospital) in front of an Ahmadi Doctor (Mirza Yacub Beg). This led to the Arya Samaj Hindu’s publishing Rangila Rasul in 1927. Thus, MGA helped the British divide Muslims and Hindu’s along religious lines and made mockery of Islam.

In terms of Islam, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed to be greater than Esa (as)(astagfarullah)(naozobillah), better than Yusuf (as)(astagfarullah)(See Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya, Vol. 5, online english edition, page 124). However, in Islam there are hadith that say no one should say that they are better than prophets (See Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 2374 and Sahih Bukhari Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 2281). MGA was so bold he said, if the signs that were shown in his (MGA) favor were shown to the people of Noah (as), they would have been saved from death via flooding. MGA even claimed to be greater than Muhammad (saw), the grandchild of Muhammad (saw), Hussain (See Page-95, “I’jaz-e-Ahmadi”, in english as “Miracle of Ahmad”). According to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad he manifested more than 10,000 miracles and the Prophet (saw) manifested only 3000. Lastly, in 1898, in MGA’s book, Ayyam-us-Sulh, MGA accused Mary (ra) of even meeting up with Joseph before she married him, he also accused Eisa (as) of being a drunkard and that Jesus’ example of morals was quite worthless and misleading. Many years later, in 1995, the 4th Khalifa, Mirza Tahir Ahmad opined that Maryam was possibly a hermaphrodite (astagfarullah).

MGA said that Muhammad (saw) (astagfarullah) had 70 companions left Islam (murtad) and in Tafsir Ibn Kathir writes that many companions of Muhammad (saw) left Islam after the failed Hajj (Treaty of Hudaybiyyah) and failed dream (nauzobillah) of Muhammad (saw). However, no one has ever found this in Tafsir ibn Kathir (See Maktubat-e-Ahmad, Maktub-12, pages 204-205, Volume-2(See scan in the below).

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ The Quote
(Punjab and the Raj, 1849–1947″, p. 72–73) Ian Talbot

“Relations grew particularly bad between the Aryas and the Muslims. Serious violence broke out in 1897 when a leading Arya Samajist called Pandit Lekh Ram was assassinated. Lekh Ram’s greatest influence was in the north-west of Punjab. He had in fact joined the Peshawar Arya Samaj in 1880 and rose to prominence first as a missionary and then as editor of the Arya Gazette. At first he had limited his attacks to the Ahmadi movement of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, but he increasingly attacked orthodox Muslims as well. His pamphlet, Risala-i-Jihad ya’ri Din-i-Muhammad ki Bunyad (A Treatise on waging holy war, or the foundation of the Muhammadan Religion) caused a considerable outcry, when it was published in 1892. Until his murder by a Muslim five years later, Lekh Ram continued to stir up animosity by his vituperative writings.” 

Some additional quotes
“Mirza Saheb had announced that any non-Muslim who would write a reply to Braheen Ahmadiyya would be rewarded with Rs. 10,000. Pandit Lekhram wrote a reply by the name of Takzeeb Braheen. However this rebuttal was a shameless collection of slanders and abuse and I believe that since the humans have been born, no anti-God had abused Prophets and other people close to God in such a manner that Pandit Lekhram had penned in his book…. If one looks with fairness then it will be obvious that it was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Saheb who provoked the said Pandit against Islam and Prophets of Islam and forcing him into writing such slander.” (Raees-e-Qadian p.1332-133 by Rafiq Dilawari)

“If writing a rebuttal of Braheen is ill-mannerism, then you are the first criminal, because according to Quran you had committed Kufr, you provoked us, because of which we wrote a reply. Had you not provoked us, then Permeshwar knows, that we had never thought of writings against religion of Islam. Thus if God forbid, divine punishment will descend then first its lightening will fall on your sitting room in Qadian. Then if self defense is a crime, then I too should be blamed.” (Weekly Satdharam Parcharak, Jallundher, dated 16th July 1897, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p.133)

“I saw your letter published by Murtazai Press Lahore. In this letter you have been instructed by God to write that anyone belonging to other religion, despite staying with you for one year, does not observe any heavenly sign and does not become Muslim after satisfying himself, then you will pay Rs. 200 per month as penalty or damages. Therefore to discover the heavenly sign I am prepared to some to you on the condition that at the rate of Rs 200 per month deposit Rs 2400 in Government bank for safe keeping, and give an undertaking that if am not satisfied and do not embrace Islam after one year of your guidance and heavenly sign and miracles, then that Rs. 2400 would be handed over to me, and for a period of one year that amount will remain deposited in the government bank, you will not be entitled to take that money back. I accept to be your student for one year.” (Letter to Mirza Ghulam dated 3rd April 1885, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p.163)
Sahih Muslim 2374b – The Book of Virtues – كتاب الفضائل – – Sayings and Teachings of Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه و سلم)

Abu Sa’id Kudari reported Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) having, said this:

Don’t make distinction amongst the Apostles. This hadith has been narrated through another chain of transmitters also.
The scan work

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Sahih Muslim 2374b – The Book of Virtues – كتاب الفضائل – – Sayings and Teachings of Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه و سلم)

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