Paigham Sulh, 31st
May 1944. The whole article is entitled:

“The office of Khilafat cannot be a family inheritance”.

This para is headed: The present Khilafat.

It reads:

Eventually Mirza Mahmud Ahmad sahib became khalifa and he has prepared
his son Nasir Ahmad sahib for the khilafat. Seth Abdullah Alladin [a
Qadiani] has sent us a booklet entitled ‘The appearance of the Muslih
Mauood’ written by Amini sahib, scholar and missionary of the Qadiani
Jamaat. On the first page he writes that in the Jewish scripture
Talmud it is written that after the Promised Messiah his son and his
paternal grandson will succeed him. Mirza Nasir Ahmad is the president
of Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya etc. and young men are being urged to obey
him. In every place various ways are being used to put him forward for
the khilafat. It is absolutely certain that the khilafat will now go
to the family of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad sahib as inheritance. The
foundations of this have been laid on doctrines such as the promised
progeny. It is now impossible that some outsider could become khalifa.
Hence this system itself is proof that it has no connection left with


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