Noorudin died in misery. His daughter was then immediately married by the Khalifa and extorted, his sons were then kicked out of Ahmadiyya in the 1950’s. It was not just that noorudin had a few bad days at the end of his life. But according to Tareekh ahmadiyyat vol 3 page 329, he fell from the horse on 18 November 1910 (see Mujahid e Kabir), that is the time when all the deterioration and infections started, if you read on TA vol 3, you will read that he spend next 4 years in misery. This is just another strange story from one of the earliest biographies on Ahmadiyya founders. This quotation is from the biography which Noorudin dictated to Akbar Shah Khan of Najibabad before his death. In 1904, during MGA’s life, “Nur ud Din” was published, this book seems to be an extension of that book. It also written how the Khalifa got up and night and fell as he was urinating (see at the 1:13:13 mark). Check out the reference to 1922 in the below, and the Al-Fazl.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Extended summary

1- After falling from the horse, he had puss in his injuries.
2- He was weak and Doctors said that he had tuberculosis
3- One day he had fallen(on ground) as he had woke up for urine.
4- He had to face pain to climb stairs and use to give lecture to ladies, Even with disease use to give lectures (darss) because he use to say that he use to get “power” from it and use to keep stand for long time.
5- On his getting sick from diseases, Mahmoud Ahmed use lead prayers in his place and also gave the Friday Sermon .
6- Finally he died and was buried in the official Ahmadiyya graveyard bhashtiii muqbirah .


AI-fadl February 23, 1922

on page 8 of this alfadl – “this is the quote from- a Ishtihaar called “gungeena i sadaqat”  in  “naama nigaar paigham’ (might be the name of a publication) – I have marked it in red box 

“What an assertion of Shaikh Nuruddin that his holiness the promised Messiah is the prophet and apostle of God and what assertion that his holiness prophesied: ‘There will come one after me whose name will be Ahmad,? What a silence, during his last days, regarding the apostleship of the Messiah? Then his turning away from the path of perseverence, his fall from horseback as a measure of punishment and his grievous injuries, his inability to talk before his death, his death in penury (poverty), the death of his son Abul Hayi soon after in the very prime of his life and then the marriage of his wife in an out rageously contemptuous manner – Isn’t there a lesson in all these happenings for those who want to take lesson”

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