Ahmadi’s have always been told to boycott Ex-Ahmadi’s.  This is nothing new, what is ironic is that Ahmadi’s complain about this type of behavior when it happens to them.

In Islam nobody, even not an Islamic Government, has the authority to direct you not to maintain relations to a particular individual. As a muslim you are free to live your life as you wish. But if you are in a cult or mafia you can not maintain your relations or interact to peoples of your choice.

Similarly, Jamaat Ahmadiyya Qadianiyya maintains a strict vigilance on its followers to control their movement in the society. We have a letter in Urdu language written by NAZIR AMOOR E Amma Jamaat e Ahmadiyya India thru Sadr Jamaat, to one of the followers, warning him not to be a friend to an ousted member on face book. He has been further directed to explain his position. 

The scan

Summary of this scan

Dated 07.05.2017
Dear Shakoor Qureshi Sahib,
Resident of Kahilowan
Thru Respected Sadr Sahib Amoomi,
Assalam o Alaikum Wa rahmatullah,
It is has been found that in your facebook friend list, you have added an ousted member of Jamaat which is not appropriate. U must refrain yourself from such friendships and gatherings, in future because this is the basic requirements of our beliefs. How did you do this when earlier, your attention was drawn on this matter by Sadr Amoomi. Plz send your clarification to this Nazarat immediately.

Signed by
Nazir Amoor e Amma Qadian.

Note to Sadr. Amoomi.
This is first reminder . Hope you will send report on the issue soon.
Signed by Nazir Amoor e Amma Qadian.

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